Financial Expert Dan Celia: Obamacare Tax Reform Needs to Happen Quickly


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March 20, 2017

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Financial Expert Dan Celia: Obamacare Tax Reform Needs to Happen Quickly

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.—Much of the conversation on Capitol Hill these days swirls around the GOP replacement plan for Obamacare, called the American Health Care Act

Financial expert Dan Celia says that the American people have waited long enough—and their wallets are showing it—for elected officials to do their job when it comes to health care.

“We have to keep thinking about Obamacare from an economic standpoint—and we have to get this done,” Celia said. “Remember that lawmakers are working just eight days in April. Yes, they say they will be out in their communities listening to their constituents, but there are only eight days in Washington where they can come together to finish what they started on America’s health care problem. Then they have the whole month of August off. We have to get tax reform done; it’s slowing down the legislative process. The Congressional Budget Office came out with its take on the new plan, but one of the chief economic advisers for President Trump said the CBO will make a blizzard look like a sunny day. In other words, let’s not place a lot of faith in reports that are simply guessing at the economic ramifications of health care reform.”

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