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June 20, 2022

PHILADELPHIA —Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, financialissues.org) is excited to share with the world a project the team has poured into over many months, traveling across the country bringing viewers encouraging testimonies of good guys doing good things for Christ!

God created men and women each uniquely to fulfill His good purposes. Unfortunately, modern culture seems intent on stripping down human dignity and the unique calling of manhood. The reality is that too many men have neglected their roles as husbands, fathers, and leaders. FISM feels led to shine the light on the men who, in contrast, are answering God’s unique calling on their lives, boldly standing for the Gospel, and doing good for others.

Good Guys! Doing Good is a Christian reality show hosted by Tim Bisagno. In each episode, Tim sets out on a journey across the USA to find men of God serving the Lord in adventurous, exciting, and unique ways. Follow Tim in his travels as he laughs, cries, honors, and showcases good guys doing God’s work!

Dan Celia, founder and former president of FISM, was the executive producer of Good Guys! Doing Good. Celia was the ultimate good guy, having served in the Navy and on mission trips around the world, as well as reaching millions through his radio and television ministry before being called home to be with the Lord. The program is produced and directed by Krunti Hester in Celia’s honor.

Released on Sunday, June 19, 2022, viewers can watch the first four episodes for free at www.fism.tv/goodguys or view it on the FISM TV app.

Viewers can watch the program live on the FISM website, app, or ROKU channel. Part 1 airs on Monday, June 20, at 7pm ET and Part 2 airs the following day, Tuesday June 21, at 7pm ET. Viewers can also watch the program on one of FISM’s partner channels — CTNTV, BIZ TV, and Dove TV through a satellite network.

Read more about FISM and “Financial Issues” here or visit the FISMwebsite, its Facebook page, on YouTube at Financial Issues or on Twitter @financialissues; download the FISM app here and learn more about FISM.TV here.