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Free Tommy

By Frank Gaffney | Townhall.com | Image from Townhall

Millions of Americans have exhibited this year a seemingly boundless appetite for things that call to mind the greatness of Britain. We have voted with our feet to make successes of movies about the plucky extraction of 300,000 soldiers stranded at Dunkirk and the indomitable man who, in his country’s darkest hour, rallied the nation to effect that miracle with a fleet of small boats. We have also breathlessly followed the marriage of one of us to one of the Royals in a ceremony whose pomp and circumstance harkened back to the days of their kingdom’s most fabled monarchs.

Sadly, it seems the Great Britain of those earlier, storied eras is no longer great or, for that matter, particularly British. A prime example is the fact that a man whose plucky pugnaciousness and love of freedom and country is reminiscent of the scappy Brits who helped Winston Churchill win the Battle of Britain and his nation’s civilization bestride the world has been thrown in jail for thirteen months. His “crime”? Simply reporting on a trial that showcases how far the United Kingdom has fallen. Continue reading…