iVoterGuide Engages in Extensive Research to Bring Voters the Most Dynamic Information on Candidates

iVoterGuide Engages in Extensive Research to Bring Voters the Most Dynamic Information on Candidates

Highly Qualified Panelists Undergo a Rigorous Vetting Process

July 20, 2020

DALLAS, Texas — Hundreds of principled citizens are answering a clarion call from iVoterGuide for fair-minded volunteer panelists to evaluate candidates’ questionnaire responses — and their efforts could sway the November election toward virtuous, liberty-oriented statesmen.

Each election cycle, iVoterGuide vets and enlists an elite class of volunteer panelists to comb through campaign finance data, endorsements, legislative scorecards, panel evaluations, and candidate questionnaires. iVoterGuide reviews 67 million donation records, tracks more than 1,000 endorsing organizations, and aggregates scorecard data from approximately 150 organizations for thousands of candidates.

The goal is to give voters a complete picture of each candidate’s historic record. That requires volunteers willing and able to measure candidate information against bedrock American principles.

iVoterGuide board member Brad Bright, son of Campus Crusade Founder Bill Bright, observed a recent iVoterGuide panel and declared the process a trustworthy tool for Americans who want to know a candidate’s true colors.

“In the past I have helped produce voter guides with other organizations where votes were intentionally weighted in order to influence how people voted,” Bright said. “I was deeply impressed by the iVoterGuide team’s passion for accuracy. The iVoterGuide facilitator on the review panel kept bringing them back to the same set of criteria they use to evaluate each and every candidate. It is well-researched, fair and accurate. When it comes time to vote, I know I can trust iVoterGuide to give me the truth.” 

Anyone can apply to be a panelist for this process — but, true to form, iVoterGuide scrutinizes applicants, who must first complete a comprehensive leadership survey, similar to what candidates are required to complete. Applicants must also provide references and verify they have no conflict of interest.

“iVoterGuide.com does exhaustive research and relies on great volunteers to help,” states an iVoterGuide panelist recruitment email sent on July 13. “We are now recruiting voters to serve on panels across the country. Panelists evaluate the information collected by researchers and assign an evaluation (Very Liberal, Somewhat Liberal, Moderate, Somewhat Conservative, or Very Conservative) to each candidate.

“Selected panelists will complete 1 hour of training, perform 8 hours of candidate evaluation, and participate in a 2-hour panel meeting to assign final grades to candidates,” the email continues.

This vetting process is a proven method of obtaining reliable and accurate information for the 678,458 voters who have already utilized the tools so far this year.

iVoterGuide has vetted and trained 480 volunteer panelists to support the data review for the 2020 primary election and are looking for an additional 440 and 735 to assist with the process for the general election.

Citizens can apply to serve as an iVoterGuide panelist at www.iVoterGuide.com.

Providing the most comprehensive, educational information on nearly every race in the country, iVoterGuide has researched over 24,000 candidates in more than 11,000 races and offers sample ballots, voting information and candidate evaluations. From election dates to voter registration deadlines and polling locations, iVoterGuide has resources to help turn out 2.2 million voters across all 50 states in the 2020 primary and general elections in order to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise and traditional American values. Learn more at ivoterguide.com.

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