iVoterGuide president urges Americans to ‘do more than vote’ in upcoming General Election

‘Many times, the most effective action a concerned citizen can take is simply doing their part, refusing to give up, and leaving the rest to God’

September 19, 2022

TUPELO, Miss. — The United States General Election takes place on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, and Americans everywhere are preparing to cast their votes and make their voices heard. However, many citizens question if there is more they can do to ensure the sanctity and validity of the election other than just cast their vote. Debbie Wuthnow, president of iVoterGuide (ivoterguide.com), the nation’s premier Christian voting guide that provides millions of voters with candidate information other guides don’t feature, recently spoke about how concerned Americans can get involved in their communities to ensure that the voice of every American is honestly and fairly heard.

“In recent years, election fraud has been the focus of much attention,” Wuthnow commented. “As citizens work with state legislatures to enact laws that make voting more secure — and stop destructive federal overreach — there are steps every voter can take to make a difference in the voting process.”

Wuthnow continued, “Less than twenty percent of those eligible actually vote, and even fewer take part in facilitating the voting process, which is essential to free and fair elections. There are three things that every American can do this season besides casting their vote:

  • Become a volunteer voter registrar or hold a voter registration drive: Millions of eligible voters are missing from America’s political decision-making process. While many complain about voter integrity, one of the simplest ways the effects of fraud are countered is when like-minded people register to vote and show up at the polls. Once registered, people are more likely to take the next step and vote. Honest voter registration is a safeguard against fraudulent registration. Nearly one out of every two Christians who are eligible to vote do not consistently take advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Imagine the impact even a registration drive at just one church can have!
  • Become an election worker: Election workers facilitate the voting process on Election Day. By working at a local polling location, citizens take responsibility for protecting the right to vote and the security of part of the process. How important are poll workers? In a 2004 Tennessee election, a vigilant poll worker caught one woman trying to vote in her deceased sister’s name. In a 2010 primary in Dallas, a poll worker attempted to use another person’s registration information to cast a fraudulent vote. Her attempt was thwarted, thankfully, by another poll worker who was honest. The integrity of those entrusted with administering our elections is critically important.
  • Become a poll watcher or observer: Accountability is a key component to an honest election. Volunteer poll watchers observe the voting process at the polling location. Poll watchers make sure election workers are enforcing and observing the law and that no illegal electioneering is taking place. Poll watchers may be appointed by a political candidate or political party. In addition, election observers may be needed at the location where ballots are counted, not only where the voting takes place.

“It’s tempting to think preserving our freedom can only be accomplished by bold, sweeping measures. In reality, it is often local, behind-the-scenes, sometimes unnoticed acts of service that make the biggest difference. Many times, the most effective action a concerned citizen can take is simply doing their part, refusing to give up, and leaving the rest to God.”

Wuthnow concluded, “In the coming months — in each county, community, and polling place — someone will hold a registration drive, apply to be an election worker, or sign up as a poll watcher. Multiplied by each county throughout the nation, these actions have a compounding effect, for good or bad. It all depends on who steps into the roles.”

To hear more of Wuthnow’s thoughts on how Americans can prepare for the upcoming General Election, click here.

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