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iVoterGuide President: ‘Victories Like These Will Not Keep Happening Without Informed, Biblically Minded Voters Being Engaged’

January 4, 2022

At the start of a New Year, iVoterGuide (ivoterguide.com), the premier Christian voting guide with honest, up-to-date information, celebrates several Supreme Court rulings from 2021.

The rulings vary from questions over foster care, a florist sued for refusing to service a same-sex wedding and a student seeking damages for being punished for preaching on campus. These rulings from the Supreme Court of the United States proved to be huge wins for conservative Christians and the nation as a whole.

Debbie Wuthnow, iVoterGuide president, commented, “As a whole, America is more free because of four of these rulings. Victories like these will not keep happening without informed, Biblically minded voters being engaged. Many legal battles for the soul of our country ultimately begin with those elected to the offices entrusted with power of appointing or confirming judges. As we reflect on 2021 and await a ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that will hopefully overturn Roe v Wade in 2022, iVoterGuide stands ready to help you vote for candidates who will appoint or confirm judges devoted to Judeo-Christian values.”

iVoterGuide is dedicated to equipping Americans to be informed, educated voters. In 2020 alone, iVoterGuide covered federal elections in all 50 states as well as statewide and legislative races in 21 states, researched over 8,000 candidates, and educated over 3.5 million voters across the country. With AFA Action acquiring iVoterGuide, coverage of statewide and legislative races will increase from 21 to 37 states by the 2022 midterm elections. Also, research will increase from 8,000 to over 12,000 candidates while aiming to grow the base of educated voters from 3.5 million to over 5 million.

iVoterGuide is a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information.  A division of American Family Association (AFA) Action, it is known today for its accuracy and integrity in researching and evaluating candidates on the ballot and equipping Christians to vote wisely and be good stewards of their citizenship.

In 2022, iVoterGuide’s expert researchers will give an in-depth analysis—and overall rating—from a Christian and conservative perspective for 12,000+ candidates nationwide. Additionally, iVoterGuide offers election dates, registration deadlines, polling locations, and other information needed to help Americans vote wisely and identify candidates on the ballot who share their values. Related tools are also available to inform family, neighbors, and business associates about getting their own personalized ballots. iVoterGuide is helping to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and traditional American values.

View the media page for iVoterGuide here. For more information on iVoterGuide, visit ivoterguide.com or follow iVoterGuide on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.