iVoterGuide’s Comprehensive Research Helps Americans Vote Intelligently to “Turn the Destructive Tide of Our Nation!”

iVoterGuide Research Includes Links to Source Data in Order to By-pass Media Narratives of the Candidates and Read/Decide for Themselves

September 28, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas—The 2020iVoterGuide Presidential and Vice-Presidential Voter Guide provides millions of voters fact-based, heavily researched reviews of how each candidate has used the power of public office. Linked articles throughout the entire iVoterGuide.com website deliver facts to voters who want to make an informed vote about our Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates. Since too many voters are uninformed about those and other down-ballot positions,this inclusive and wide-ranging voter guide provides voters with an easy-to-navigate tool to help make wise decisions about who should be entrusted with power to impact their lives.  

“Too few voters, even seasoned voters, are knowledgeable about the Vice-Presidential candidates and how they’ve handled power, which could be more important this year given the unlikelihood of the current presidential candidates serving beyond 2024,” says iVoterGuide president, Debbie Wuthnow. “We at iVoterGuide want to change that.”

The iVoterGuide Presidential Voter Guide provides much-needed in-depth, accurate research about the candidates’ positions on key issues, scorecards from organizations that scored their votes while in office, endorsements, selected contributions, a candidate issue survey and other additional background information that only iVoterGuide provides with such precision.

iVoterGuide gives voters the ability to see a balanced narrative about the accomplishments of each candidate from dozens of sources across the spectrum, from the Wall Street Journal to the Heritage Foundation, CNN to Fox News, World Magazine to the New York Times, with links to the original sources for voters to read for themselves.

A critical question iVoterGuide helps voters answer is, “What have elected officials done with their power and responsibility while in office?”

“iVoterGuide research shows the clear contrast between the directions the Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris administrations would take America, based on actions they have taken in the past,” explains Wuthnow.

Key research available atiVoterGuide.com includes links to source data in order to by-pass media narratives of the candidates and read/decide for themselves:

  • Donald Trump – Summary of policy actions by President Trump’s administration – including important measures receiving limited media attention, such as how the judiciary has been reshaped by President Trump’s appointments. 
  • Mike Pence – Review of his Congressional scorecards and his administration while Governor of Indiana.
  • Joe Biden – Significant inflection points of his key political positions over the last 40 years, including the legacy impact of the Criminal Justice legislation initially sponsored by Senator Biden in 1994 that laid the foundation for some of the unrest we’re seeing today.  Links to read Joe Biden’s Green New Deal, and his plan to advance LGBTQ+ equality and build on Obamacare
  • Kamala Harris — Highlights of her record in the U.S. Senate and significant actions as Attorney General of California.

Voters can go toiVoterGuide.com/presidential to see the information directly or see it at the top of their personalized ballot at iVoterGuide.com.

“In less than 40 days, voters face the most important election of our lifetime,” says Wuthnow. “iVoterGuide shows voters how Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates have used or even abused power. The only remaining question is, ‘How will voters use theirs?’”

So many Americans rely on the iVoterGuide Presidential Voter Guide to spotlight issues of importance to them in order to make an informed decision when casting their ballots. One user remarked, “Thank you for this wonderful, informative guide!  I deeply appreciate the research and work that has gone into this.” One long-time user thanked iVoterGuide, outlining the reason for his gratitude: iVoterGuideis an exceptional resource for conservative Christians.” Another user added, “Thank you for doing all that work that helps us and our friends vote intelligently so we can turn the destructive tide of our nation!”     

iVoterGuide is a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information in 2020. From a Christian and conservative perspective, iVoterGuide’sexpert researchers gives an in-depth analysis—and overall rating—for over 8,000 candidates in 3,500 races.

In addition, iVoterGuidegives election dates, registration deadlines, and polling locations. iVoterGuide has the information needed to vote wisely and to identify candidates on the ballot that share one’s values, and will help restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise and traditional American values.

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