iVoterGuide’s ‘Protect Our Children’ campaign urges voters to positively influence education policy

‘If we don’t speak and vote on behalf of our children, others will’

April 4, 2022

TUPELO, Miss. — Americans are continually growing more concerned at the progressive agendas being forced into public schools, with many parents flooding school board meetings to make their voices heard. In light of these issues, iVoterGuide (ivoterguide.com), the premier Christian voting guide, launched the new “Protect Our Children” campaign to educate and inform voters on the radical agenda permeating modern schools.

Debbie Wuthnow, president of iVoterGuide, explained, “We can clearly see the seeds of radical leftist propaganda being fed to children in our own schools here in America—critical race theory, cancel culture, class division, removing traditional values in favor of ‘progressive’ ones. It’s time for action before it’s too late to reverse course. That’s why iVoterGuide is advancing to the front lines of the culture war with our new school board initiative called ‘Protect our Children.’”

As part of the “Protect Our Children” campaign, designed to equip voters with the knowledge needed to vote for school board members that best reflect their values, iVoterGuide will also be doing their signature deep-dive candidate research and evaluation on key school board races across the nation.

Wuthnow commented, “Regardless of today’s federal education initiatives, the fact is that the Constitution does not give the federal government authority over the education of our children. According to the principle outlined in the 10th Amendment, the states or the people reserve the right to create education policy for the children in their state.

“There are three groups of people that impact educational policy: state legislators, state education agencies and boards, and governors. These state officials are under tremendous pressure from various groups such as unions, administrations, the federal government and more. Despite all these outside influences, there are two other special interest groups that can—and have—made a positive difference in children’s education: parents and voters.”

Wuthnow emphasized, “These state elections do make a difference. When parents and conservative voters showed up to the polls in Virginia last year, candidates won who were committed to protecting children. The newly-elected governor issued an executive order allowing parents to opt out of mask mandates for their child’s school. Shortly afterward, the state legislature passed a bill requiring school boards to notify parents of any instructional materials that include sexually explicit content. Parents spoke up, voted, and secured victories for their children. These officials have many voices attempting to guide their decisions. If we don’t speak and vote on behalf of our children, others will.

“For this reason, voters can—and must—exercise the power of their votes.”

For more information about the “Protect Our Children” campaign, click here.

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