‘Masks? Vaccine Mandates? Let’s Keep Our Kids at Home,’ Says Moms for America’s Kimberly Fletcher

‘Moms Have Good Options, and We’re Here to Help Moms Use Them. Homeschooling Doesn’t Have to Be Scary’

August 2, 2021

DAYTON, OHIO — As school days approach, pressure from the federal government and the media has become deafening toward mandated vaccinations and compulsory masking, even for children.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has just recommended “universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.”

“Incredibly, they’re also calling for masking children as young as two years of age, regardless of the fact that research shows children have virtually no health risk from COVID-19 and that there is no evidence that they transmit it to adults,” said Moms for America® (www.momsforamerica.us) founder Kimberly Fletcher. 

“Masks? Vaccine mandates? Fine. Let’s keep our kids at home. Every student that is pulled out of school costs the school district thousands of dollars in funding. If parents ever needed a reason to pull their kids out of public schools and either homeschool them or send them to a sensible, private school, this is it. Moms have good options, and we’re here to help moms use them. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be scary.”

This past week, three major government entities – the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the state of California and New York City – said they would require some or all of their employees to get vaccinated or be tested frequently.

In the nation’s capital, District of Columbia officials will soon unveil a vaccination requirement for all D.C. government employees. As of July 31, masks are required indoors in Washington, D.C. for all people over the age of 2, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced at a news conference.

“Threatening people’s jobs if they don’t submit to a still-experimental vaccine, and unnecessarily masking even very young children doesn’t sound very healthy or American to me,” Fletcher said.  “We the people need to push back, especially when it comes to our children. They are not guinea pigs in anyone’s grand experiment.” 

Many moms have already opted to remove their children from the clutches of social experimenters. The rate of households homeschooling their children rose to 11% by September 2020, up from 5.4% six months earlier, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Black households had the largest jump in homeschooling, rising from 3.3% in spring 2020 to 16.1%.

Moms for America® has homeschooling resources for moms, providing the materials and connections that moms need:

“Moms MUST stand up to these mandates,” Fletcher said. “And we’re giving them the tools to do so.  The experimenters say they ‘follow the science,’ but this is anything but scientific. For starters, they completely ignore the health risks of forcing children to wear bacteria-laden masks and breathe in their own CO2 for hours at a time. This can’t be healthy, but they don’t care. They’re apparently more interested in forcing everyone to do things their way even when it violates medical and common sense.”

Preparations are underway for MomRise 2021, a national gathering of mothers slated in October and hosted by Moms for America®. MomRise will bring moms together from across the country (in person or via livestream) to encourage and empower them and help moms realize the powerful influence they have in our homes, communities and through our votes.

As part of its mission, Moms for America® produces a podcast with nationally recognized leaders, an interactive, digital MomLinks Magazine, and hosts Cottage Meetings in homes and online during the summer.

Cottage Meetings equip, educate, and engage moms on their terms—growing and nurturing relationships in their family and with other moms in their community.

Moms for America® is helping moms opposeCritical Race Theory, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, false history, and explicit sex “education.”

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