Moms for America Presents Courage Award to General Michael Flynn

Moms for America, Art of Honor, and Special Guest General Michael Flynn Celebrated America’s Wall of Honor with First Light Ceremony in Omaha

June 3, 2021

DAYTON, OHIO —Moms for America ( unveiled America’s Wall of Honor on May 27 in a lighting ceremony at Art of Honor in Omaha, Nebraska. The First Light ceremony revealed the first icon on the wall – the U.S. Presidential Seal.

As part of the lighting ceremony, Moms for America presented their Courage Award. The annual award is given by Moms for America to an individual who has stood courageously for truth, freedom, and the United States Constitution by demonstrating unwavering commitment to freedom even when “under fire.” The 2021 recipient is General Michael Flynn.

Michael Thomas Flynn served his country as an officer in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Lt. General. General Flynn served as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and as National Security Advisor in the Trump Administration. His unwavering commitment to God, Country, and the United States Constitution has earned the respect of millions of Americans as he travels the country speaking for America’s Future.

In his acceptance remarks, General Flynn noted the moment in history and the role of mothers in it. “I don’t stand here for me; I stand here for the children. I look into the eyes of my granddaughter, and I try to imagine her future.” Flynn urged Moms for America members to maximize their potential, take on the risks, and be greater than they first imagined possible.

Flynn recognized the mothers in the room as ‘Champions,’ calling them to incorporate the symbols of America in their teaching and parenting. “Raise the flag. Say the pledge!” Flynn reiterated. “You don’t know how powerful you will be…it will be women in this country who will make the decision about whether or not our country is going to continue on the path of this beautiful experiment in democracy called the Constitutional Republic, or whether we’re going to go the way we are headed with this administration…toward Marxism and Socialism and Communism. That’s the ugly side, but that’s reality.”

Flynn concluded with three calls to action for all the mothers in attendance. “First, local action has a national impact! The most important person on a given day is a precinct volunteer in a local election hall. Second, show up to your school board meeting and become members of the School Board. Schools do not decide what our children are taught; we decide what our children are taught. Third, get involved in your community in some capacity.”

Citing the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate, Flynn encouraged event attendees, “Our Constitution is based on individual liberty. They gave us the power. Moms for America, do not forget that one of your platforms is the Constitution… everything we have in this country is because of people who came before us. This is a call to action. Our country needs patriots right now, patriotic American citizens who care deeply about our communities, our families, our faith, and our country. Without us, there is no other shining city on a hill, no other true North Star to follow.”

Upon completion of each section of the Wall of Honor, another lighting ceremony will highlight the newest addition until the wall is complete with all symbols of the military branches and shields of service members of law enforcement and community safety are represented. By the end of 2021, the wall will feature every branch of service, public and private, and travel the entire United States commemorating their service.

The Wall of Honor tour will take five years and be accompanied by a traveling children’s museum where youth and families can experience the beauty of patriotic art and engage in the American dream through visual art and hands-on activities.

“The wall is more than a memorial,” says designer Timothy Lampros, a military veteran, and former first responder. “It will recognize and honor every member of Police, Fire, First Responders, and all Emergency volunteers; retired, active, and fallen.”

Lampros was originally contracted to design the U.S. Presidential Seal in metal relief work for the Inauguration in 2016. That grew into an even larger project – the Wall of Honor, a project to include symbols of those who have served in any capacity. Lampros is internationally recognized for his stunning use of metals and light to create emblematic and patriotic imagery. Lampros also designed and built the LAPD End of Watch Memorial Wall, memorializing fallen officers of Los Angeles. See the 20-Minute Video featuring Tim’s story and the Wall of Honorhere.

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