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NYC Pastor Carter Conlon: Praying for the Future of the Nation and for Spiritual Awakening

RELEASED TODAY! ‘It’s Time to Pray,’ the New Book by Times Square Church Pastor, Calls for a Renewed Prayer for Awakening

NEW YORK—Millions of the faithful are heading to the polls today, but many will get on their knees first.

New York City pastor Carter Conlon, who leads Times Square Church in Manhattan, an interdenominational congregation with over 10,000 people in attendance who represent 100 different nationalities, says that’s the right approach before an important election that will greatly impact the future of the nation.

While praying for the right outcome that is in line with God’s will for today’s elections, and also while asking God for guidance on which candidates to choose, Conlon says Americans should also pray for a spiritual awakening that will overtake the country.

Conlon is the author of the new book, “It’s Time to Pray,” which is being released today by GPC Books, an imprint of Times Square Church’s partnership with Charisma House.

“What is spiritual awakening, and why do we need it so much?” Conlon writes in “It’s Time to Pray.” “In simple terms, spiritual awakening is when a person’s heart is open to the voice of God, is tuned in to hear Him speak, allows Him to rule over her life, and does not resist the words God speaks. We live in an era when there is a lot of religion but very little relationship with God. There are a lot of Christian churches but not a lot of early church power and testimony. And there are a lot of ‘salvations’ but not a lot of ‘lordship’ and walking the walk.

“Considering the fact that we live in a place with religious freedom,” he continued, “there are Bibles and books and resources everywhere to help us in our walk, and there are an immense number of Bible-believing churches and megachurches spread throughout the nation, we are profoundly weak in the faith and making little, if any, impact on our culture.”

Conlon joined the pastoral staff of Times Square Church in 1994 at the invitation of founding pastor David Wilkerson who launched Teen Challenge and wrote the best-selling book, “Cross and the Switchblade.” Conlon was appointed senior pastor of Times Square Church in 2001.

Conlon continues to be a voice for God far beyond the pulpit of Times Square Church by speaking at numerous conferences across the country and around the world. His weekly radio spots air on 1010 WINS, the nation’s longest-running all-news station, and his one-minute devotional and 30-minute program, called “A Call to the Nation,” are currently syndicated on over 350 Christian radio stations worldwide. He is the author of several books, including “The 180 Degree Christian,” “Fear Not” and “Unshakable.”

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