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Obama’s Watergate?

American Family Association: Tell Congress to Release FISA Memo


TUPELO, Miss.—Christians hold dear America’s fundamental liberties, such as the freedom of religious expression, which allows the faithful to advance the gospel without fear of government intrusion. This liberty, however, is only secure when government officials maintain fidelity to the constitutional republic of the United States.

The American Family Association (AFA, sent an Action Alert to its more than one million friends and supporters calling on them to urge Congress to release the FISA memo in the unfolding story that some have dubbed “Obama’s Watergate.”

“As egregious as the nefarious acts of the Richard Nixon administration may have been regarding Watergate, what has been recently reported by members of Congress concerning the Obama administration might be even worse,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “High-ranking government officials have reported that a classified, four-page memo called the ‘FISA memo’ (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) has been made available to every member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

“This memo highlights extensive and abusive surveillance on American citizens by federal government agencies,” Wildmon continued. “The classified memo is also reported to contain details of collusion between government agencies, including the DOJ and FBI, and the Hillary Clinton political campaign against President Donald Trump, both prior to and following the presidential election.”

Now, AFA is asking concerned citizens to send an email to President Trump, their representative and their senators, and urge them to take the necessary steps to declassify and publicly release the four-page FISA memo.

“Americans deserve to know to what extent U.S. agencies and elected officials have abused their power and illegally and unjustly conducted surveillance on its own citizens,” Wildmon added.

View the media page for AFA here. For more information on American Family Association, visit or follow AFA on Facebook or on Twitter @AmericanFamAssc.