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Like no other Christian broadcast, Wretched Radio and TV focuses on proclaiming the Good News for wretches. Since 2005, youth and adults enjoy the engaging, conversational and spontaneous delivery of Wretched. Fast-paced, energetic, topical, theological and fun, Wretched Radio and TV dives into the news of the day from a Christian perspective, but also artfully weaves between contemporary and classic topics. Wretched airs as a one-hour or 30-minute program on numerous networks and stations nationwide.

Wretched helps people to become saved by Jesus Christ, grow in their love for the Lord through the study of His Word, and equipped to share the Good News with others. Download and print PDF…

Wretched Spokesperson

wr_toddfriel_cropTodd Friel

Todd Friel, host of Wretched Radio and Wretched TV, is a fun and engaging speaker with a knack for making things like Greek and hermeneutics easy to understand. His presentations are filled with a mix of humor and a strong biblical foundation.

Friel is an author of several books including “Jesus Unmasked,” “Judge Not,” “Stressed Out” and others on the horizon. He is also the host of other Wretched series and shows, such as “Untethered,” “Drunk in the Spirit,” “What Hath Darwin Wrought?” and “On the Shoulders of Giants.” Additionally, he is the executive producer of Wretched’s “Life Is Best” pro-life 13-episode television series. Download headshot…

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