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Pastor and Author Carter Conlon in New Book ‘It’s Time to Pray’—Our Kids Need Our Prayers!

Times Square Church Leader Says When We Feel Small and Powerless in Life’s Challenges, God Will See Our Hearts

NEW YORK CITY—Today’s young people are facing challenges many of their parents and grandparents never knew. Identifying with the children, teens and young adults they love can be difficult, but Times Square Church pastor and author Carter Conlon says there is one thing these parents can do.


Conlon’s new book, “It’s Time to Pray,” focuses on what Christians can do to bring healing, revival and true life change through fervent and sincere prayers to God.

“Young people are being pulled in so many directions—toward the world’s ways and away from God’s teachings,” Conlon said. “They are told by the world what is right, such as the validation of certain lifestyles, what is correct in matters of gender, whom they should tolerate and whom they should hate. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and Christian teachers may sometimes feel powerless when they see all that today’s youth are facing.

“But if we have the desire to be godly leaders and examples in our kids’ lives, God will look upon our hearts and see our strengths, weaknesses, fears and doubts,” Conlon continued. “When we face difficult situations, such as knowing how to parent and lead in this very complex world, God will show us the answers, protect our children and help us to do what we have been afraid to. We can rely on God’s strength instead of our own in these difficult times. God’s supernatural strength will get the job done.”

Times Square Church in Manhattan is an interdenominational congregation with more than 10,000 people in attendance who represent over 100 different nationalities. Conlon continues to be a voice for God far beyond the pulpit of Times Square Church by speaking at numerous conferences across the country and around the world.

Conlon’s weekly radio spots air on 1010 WINS, the nation’s longest-running all-news station, and his one-minute devotionals, “It’s Time to Pray,” and 30-minute program, “A Call to the Nation,” are currently syndicated on over 350 Christian radio stations worldwide. He is the author of several books, including “The 180 Degree Christian,” “Fear Not” and “Unshakable.”

For more information on “It’s Time to Pray,” released by GPC Books, an imprint of Times Square Church’s partnership with Charisma House, visit www.ItsTimeToPrayBook.com.