Pastor Carter Conlon Says of the Powerful Plea for Mercy on Our Nation, ‘I Know God Heard Our Prayers—I Humbly Trust in His Goodness’

Times Square Church Overseer, in a Virtual Event,
Led the Faithful Last Week in a Cry for Forgiveness—and
Now All Can Access It Online

October 12, 2020

NEW YORK—It was a unique prayer meeting, held on one day only. And now, everyone can access it—and commit to pray for our country as they watch it online.

“It is a pivotal moment for America, and we’re going to believe that God is going to resurrect our nation again,” says Pastor Carter Conlon, general overseer of Times Square Church, who led this powerful prayer meeting last Tuesday evening as it was livestreamed across the nation and the world. The full prayer meeting “Lord Forgive Us” is available for viewing on YouTube and at

“I know God heard our prayers,” adds Pastor Conlon. “And I humbly trust in His goodness.”

The goal was to ask the Lord for forgiveness for what we’ve done with the freedom He gave us. For how we’ve treated others. For the terrible ways in which our nation has squandered God’s many, many blessings.

“We recognize the forces against us are larger than us, but not larger than our God,” said Pastor Conlon during the live-streamed prayer meeting last week. “God Himself has called this meeting, and I say that without apology. He has called this meeting for a face-to-face encounter with we who are called by His name. That we can admit our failings and our struggles and our sin and our fault—and ask Him again for a moment of mercy for this wonderful land called America,” Pastor Conlon added, also noting that we’re in a “fight for the future of America—and for prayer.”

Pastor Conlon made the trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts, to lead the prayer for God’s mercy. The location was critical—and historic. This year marks the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Pilgrims on our soil, a place where they sought to worship God freely and without fear of persecution. Pastor Conlon asked everyone who believes in God, no matter where they were, to pray online as the Times Square Church Worldwide Prayer Meeting was livestreamed from Plymouth last Tuesday evening.Tens of thousands viewed and participated in the prayer meeting online, in addition to over 550 churches that also hosted gatherings to watch.

“God called this prayer meeting at this time of vast unrest and incivility in our nation. The future of America now depends on our prayers,” says Pastor Conlon.

He adds of the “do-or-die moment” for America last week, “We now either have a spiritual awakening, or we plunge into darkness. Without God’s intervention of mercy, this nation is finished. May God help us.”

In nothing less than a divine turn of events, Pastor Conlon actually met the family who owns the home that is believed to be the site of the first house ever built in Plymouth Colony—where the 51 pilgrims who survived the first harsh winter prayed and cried out to God.Of this critical location, Pastor Conlon reveals, “God said to me, ‘I want you to come back to this very spot where the nation began. And I want you to ask for forgiveness for what you did with the freedom that I gave you 400 years ago.’”

That is exactly what Pastor Conlon did—as hundreds of people joined the prayer meeting online. He adds, “The key was coming to that very spot of ground and saying, ‘God, forgive us for what we have done. And we’re asking you not in our strength, but in our weakness for one more moment of mercy for this nation.’”

In his prayer to God last week, Pastor Conlon listed the grave sins of America, “starting with slavery”—and went “right on through to the sins of today, including abortion.” Of the latter, Pastor Conlon prayed poignantly to the Almighty during the prayer meeting, “God forgive us for this great evil against those who are created in Your image. You are the Author, and the Finisher, and the Giver of Life. Forgive us, Lord God.”

The Worldwide Prayer Meeting, which occurs weekly, draws prayer requests from thousands of people in over 200 self-reported countries and dependencies throughout the world. It does so via website submission form and text message.

The weekly live prayer meeting is livestreamed every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern at, and on the Times Square Church Facebook page and YouTube channel. 

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