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Rethinking the Need to Prove that God Exists

Do we need to prove that God exists? In a recent Christian Post op-ed, one author emphatically says no. The author says that many think “evidence against God’s existence is too overwhelming” and “despite all epistemological and ontological evidence to prove the existence of God, many remain unconvinced.” He personally finds long debates about God pointless and believes they could even lead some to anger and sin against God. Some would make the case that the Scriptures themselves seem to direct us away from such arguments. As the author rhetorically asks, “Should we really lose time trying to convince [skeptics]?”

The many struggle

As my professor and co-founder of Southern Evangelical Seminary, the late Dr. Norman Geisler used to say when students complained that something was over their heads, you can either put the cookies on a lower shelf or get them to stand on their tiptoes. I agree that many, including myself, struggle with arguments for God’s existence. But my research has led me to conclude that the problem does not reside with the arguments themselves but with at least three often overlooked issues.

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