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‘How Many Millions Need to be Killed, Harmed and Exploited for Americans—Of Any Hue—to Wake Up and See Abortion for What It Is: Fatal Systemic Racism and Elitism’

October 25, 2021

Fatal Systemic Racism and Elitism’

WASHINGTON D.C. — The topic of abortion is being debated from all angles, with the fate of Texas’ “SB8” law going back and forth in the courts, the Dobbs v. Jackson case set to be heard on December 1, 2021 in Mississippi, and the upcoming Allegheny Reproductive Health Center v. PA Dept of Health and Human Services case in November keeping the topic fresh in the minds of the public.

Such as in the case in Pennsylvania, many pro-abortion advocates argue that by limiting or banning access to abortions, these laws are inherently racist as the majority of women who seek abortions are African American or Hispanic. The Guttmacher Institute explains, “Because black women experience so many more unintended pregnancies than any other group—sharply disproportionate to their numbers in the general population—they are more likely to seek out and obtain abortion services than any other group.” Limiting abortion access, these advocates claim, is to discriminate against African Americans and other minority groups.

Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.theradiancefoundation.org), as well as an authoritative voice on the evils of abortion, argues that abortion itself is inherently discriminatory. “Abortion is the most racist act of all,” Bomberger contends. “For the past two decades in New York City, more black babies have been aborted than born alive. In 2018, for every 1,000 black babies born alive, there were 1,226 aborted in the borough of Manhattan, where Planned Parenthood is headquartered. This is a ratio nearly 4 times higher than whites and over 2 times higher than Hispanics. Yet pro-abortionists argue there is a lack of access—apparently, they don’t think there are enough black babies aborted.

“Many still haven’t learned from history. Slavery. Jim Crow. KKK. Lynching. Poll Taxes. Literacy Tests. And now, Limitless Abortion. How many times does the Democrat Party need to be wrong? How many millions need to be killed, harmed and exploited for Americans—of any hue—to wake up and see abortion for what it is: fatal systemic racism and elitism.” Bomberger continues, “There is no situation, today, more emblematic of civil rights gone wrong than in the former Party of Slavery now proudly proclaiming its status of being the Party of Limitless Abortion.”

For Bomberger, an African American man conceived by rape, this topic hits close to home. Bomberger states, “As someone who was once considered ‘black and unwanted’ but adopted and loved instead, I pray that many in the black community will awaken and understand the difference between being empowered and being fooled by those in power. Until then, the Democrat Party will keep pushing the horrific violence of abortion and making millions of black lives, history.”

The Radiance Foundation is a faith-based, educational, life-affirming 501c3 nonprofit organization. Through creative ad campaigns, powerful multimedia talks, fearless journalism, and compassionate community outreaches, The Radiance Foundation affirms that every human life has God-given purpose. The Radiance Foundation speaks to a variety of different topics, such as Critical Race Theory, the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ+ activism, the First Amendment and other critical issues. Radiance has helped to lead congressional briefings and summits on Capitol Hill on abortion, adoption, and racism, as well as spoken to thousands of students on campuses around the world including Harvard, Trinity College, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame, Mizzou, Columbia Law School, Penn State University, Eureka College, and Arizona State University, among others.

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