Salt, Light, and the Vote

October 2, 2020

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia, president of Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries, (FISM) talked today about the extreme importance of voting, and that not voting is not an option for Christians who takes seriously the Word, and God’s precepts.

“Well I want to give us something to be thinking about over the weekend. Of course, we need to be praying for our President and the First Lady that their recovery would be quick and uneventful, and that those around them will stay strong.

“In Proverbs 29:16, the writer says, “When the wicked are in authority, sin flourishes.” We’ve seen the opposite of this for the last four years, and we’ve seen that proverb lived out during the eight years prior to this administration. Those were not good days. In the eight years prior to this administration, what happened in America, and frankly around the world, will always bear the fingerprints of the leaders that we had chosen.

“In first Samuel, the Lord says, “When that day comes you will cry out for relief from the King you have chosen but The Lord will not answer.” You can choose not to vote, but as I said many times, we can’t choose not to vote and then consider ourselves Christians or patriots. By not voting, you are helping to elect those that would not be God’s chosen. You see, we have to be His instruments here on earth. We have to do our job, and if we don’t, you will bear the blame for what America has turned into. You will bear the blame to your children and your grandchildren—not only will you bear the blame, but they will suffer for it. It is not an option to vote; we have to be concise and clear before God, and it’s only then that we can become a part of the solution, or at least an attempt to be part of the solution.  

“It’s a common belief here in America that the majority of people decide elections. Well that’s not true. As few as 15% of all eligible voters in a district can elect a member of Congress. Even presidents have been elected by an average of 1/2 of the votes, which in many cases it’s not even close to half of the eligible voters in that precinct. Remember the George W. Bush and Al Gore race coming down to Florida—it ended up being a win for George W. Bush with less than 600 votes.

“Proverbs 14:34 also reminds us that “Godliness makes a nation Great.” To say it’s important to vote is maybe one of the understatements of this century, based on what is at stake today. Keep in mind not voting is going against the principles and the precepts of God and what I hope Christians hold dear to. We are called to take steps in the right direction, and yes, they may seem like small steps to you, but they are big steps for America, for God, and for our Christian walk. Not voting is not an option for Christians who takes seriously the Word and God’s precepts. We need to be both Salt and Light. If we are to be an effective light, we cannot keep it under a basket.  If we want to be effective as salt, we can’t sit home and rub salt on salt. We may never have a better opportunity to rub the antiseptic power of salt into the wounds of America. VOTE!”

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