Samaritan Ministries: ‘It’s Not Health Insurance!’

Offering A Bible-based Approach to Health Care for More than a Quarter Century

January 18, 2021

PEORIA, IL —Since its founding in October 1994, members of Samaritan Ministries International (Samaritan, have shared more than $2.3 billion in health care needs without using health insurance because Samaritan members helping each other is a health care sharing ministry.  It is not insurance!

The difference between health care sharing and health insurance is foundational to the mission of Samaritan Ministries, since it allows the freedom to determine what medical needs members will share. Some states require health insurance companies to cover medical procedures or services that violate Biblical teaching—such as abortion and abortifacients, services that Samaritan Ministries members cannot share.

“Samaritan Ministries offers a Biblical way of sharing health care needs that otherwise would represent burdens,” Founder and President Ted Pittenger said. “It’s a ministry that allows its members to pay their medical bills without having to resort to health insurance and then being concerned about whether their premium payments will be going toward financing abortions, or to pay for treating illnesses resulting from un-Biblical lifestyles.”

Samaritan members send their money directly to other Christians whose commitment to Biblical beliefs and practices is attested to by the leaders of their churches. They’re encouraged by the newsletter they receive each month to “Send a note. Pay your share. Always stay alert in prayer.”

“It’s personal; it’s community oriented,” former Executive Vice President James Lansberry said. “I think that’s what authentic Biblical community is: caring for one another, praying for one another, bearing one another’s burdens, exhorting one another.”

Samaritan members do not send money for needs to the ministry. They retain possession of their money and then send only what is actually needed by other members, directly to those members.  

“Samaritan doesn’t hold the money that is shared among members; the members hold the funds and give them directly to each other,” Pittenger said.

Samaritan Ministries helps more than 270,000 individuals from over 85,000 households receive prayers and encouragement from one another while also receiving more fair pricing for their medical treatments.

Through Samaritan’s effective, God-honoring ministry, thisgrowing biblical community shares approximately $30 million in medical needs person to person each month. Over the past 26 years, Samaritan Ministries members have shared more than $2.3 billion in needs while praying for and encouraging one another with personal notes, cards and letters.

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