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As Progressive Agendas Increasingly Take Hold in America, Southern Evangelical Seminary Stresses That Only Jesus Christ Can Save the World

September 7, 2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It strains credulity, but it is sadly all too real: At Harvard University, an atheist has been elected to lead the college’s chaplains group. Greg Epstein, 44, said he doesn’t look to God but to people for answers—yet colleagues have chosen him as the new president of the Harvard Chaplains, according to reports. With this move, Epstein, the author of Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe, will oversee activities for the corps of chaplains at Harvard, where he’s served since 2005 as a humanist chaplain.

Judge Phil Ginn, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, ses.edu), reacted to the concerning news and its wider implications from a Christian apologetics perspective.

“Out of that long-ago and now-neutered bastion of truth, Harvard University, comes the news that Greg Epstein, an avowed atheist, has become the new president of the Harvard Chaplains,” said SES President Judge Ginn. “‘We don’t look to a god for answers,’ Epstein has said. ‘We are each other’s answers.’

Despite the fact that we’ve all been told that humanism, which he represents, is not a religion and therefore cannot be openly taught in our schools, this selection begs the question: What in the world have we come to in this nation? You see, the appointment of an atheist chaplain at Harvard is not the problem. It’s a symptom,” adds Judge Ginn. “It’s a symptom of a deadly disease for any culture that migrates toward the chaotic world of Satan himself, as opposed to the orderly world created by a good and gracious God.

“This symptom of the disease raises the question: If ‘we are each other’s answers,’ how is that working out for us in America?” Ginn continues. “All we have to do is look at the soaring crime rate, the homelessness, the breakdown of the family structure, the lack of civility, and the fear and distrust that exist today in hearts of the American people—and it should be perfectly clear that we do not have each other’s answers. The truth is we never have had, and never will have, the answers within the human heart. The truth is a ‘God thing.’ 

“We at Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College have been telling the real truth since 1992,” Ginn explains. “That truth emphatically says that our world cannot save itself. We need a Savior in the person of Jesus Christ. For those who are unaware, there is a growing maelstrom in this nation against truth in general and against Christianity in particular. SES, having been on the front lines, knows well of the looming storm—and we believe that God has a hand in it. Along with Abraham Lincoln, we say that ‘if He has a place and a part in it for us, then we are ready’ to stand in the gap for religious freedom.

“We are now asking all true Americans, on behalf of God Himself, to stand with us,” urges Judge Ginn. “Then, and only then, can America stop this mad long rush at 90 miles an hour down a dead-end street to total oblivion as a nation and spiritual annihilation as a people.”   

SES recently held the important livestreamed event, “Awaken,” on August 7, 2021. The event examined issues related to systemic racism in America, police violence, and people of color; the nature of true social justice; and how individuals can escape today’s “wokism.” Featured speakers included SES President Judge Phil Ginn, former police officer Eric Muldrow, and Monique Duson of the Center for Biblical Unity.

The mission of SES is to train men and women, based on the inerrant and infallible written Word of God, for the evangelization of the world and defense of the historic Christian faith. SES offers the 15-hour Certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE).SES believes that one must minister to the present generation according to its needs—and to do so with truth and power. Students need training in the ethical, political and economic implications of the unchanging Faith “once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3). The PPE can also be used as a concentration within most master’s degrees (excluding Master of Arts in Religion).The combination of PPE training and classical seminary education can be a potent one in combating the new heresies and false doctrines rooted in a secularist, progressivist worldview.

For more information on SES, visit its website at www.ses.edu or its Facebook page, follow the SES Twitter feed, @sesapologetics, or call (704) 847-5600.


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