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Judge Phil Ginn: ‘We must as Christian Americans stand firm in our resolve to defend life and to defend the truth of the Gospel in every situation’

May 10, 2022

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Pro-life advocates in America rejoiced as the consensus to Dobbs v. Jackson was leaked on May 2, 2022. The unauthorized document revealed that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) plans to overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving the rulings on the legality of abortions in the hands of the individual states.

A recent poll revealed that 54% of Americans claim that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe, while 28% want it overturned. Judge Phil Ginn, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, www.ses.edu), commented on this potential monumental decision and how Christians should respond to the upcoming SCOTUS ruling.

Ginn stated, “The topic of abortion has been divisive in this country for over 50 years, to say the least. Not only has the division been in the lack of consensus as to whether or not the right to terminate the life of another human being is born of our Constitution, but also the extent to which that right should exist. 

“There are so many ‘what ifs’ when it comes to the topic of abortion. What if it is an innocent human life? What if the mother’s life is in danger? What if the child in the womb will have little to no chance of survival or will be physically or mentally challenged in some way if allowed to be born? What if the woman wants to terminate her pregnancy before 15 weeks has expired or at the time the baby is due to be born? The complexity of this issue makes it difficult to find consensus even amongst those who are paying attention.”

Ginn continued, “The problem with a Supreme Court decision like the one in Roe v. Wade is that the Court attempted to answer all the questions in one flawed attempt to legislate from their high and lofty bench. Our Constitution had to be twisted by an interpretation that simply was badly reasoned law to even get to the point where we have been for the last 5 decades. If SCOTUS is now ready to overturn Roe, then it simply puts these hard decisions right back into the hands of the states where it should have been left to begin with, from the perspective of the Constitution.

“What then does all of this mean for those of us who believe that life from the point of conception until God calls us home is the paramount God-given right available to all humans? Practically speaking, it means not only this next election in the various 50 states will be about abortion, but every election hereafter will be as well. At the sake of sounding crude, Christ followers need to understand that ‘all hell is getting ready to break loose,’ and we need to be prepared. So, as we proceed deeper into our discontent in America, we need to be calm but vigilant, steadfast but not belligerent, and prayerful but not petulant. We must as Christian Americans stand firm in our resolve to defend life and to defend the truth of the Gospel in every situation.”

Ginn concluded, “For our part, we at Southern Evangelical Seminary will continue to cling to 1 Peter 3:15— ‘Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.’

“America is asking; what will your answer be?”

Judge Phil Ginn was appointed president of SES in April 2021 after a distinguished career as both a lawyer and a judge. He holds a B.A. from Appalachian State University, a J.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Doctor of Ministry from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Prior to his appointment as SES president, Judge Ginn served as SES Chairman of the Board of Trustees. 

The mission of SES is to train men and women, based on the inerrant and infallible written Word of God, for the evangelization of the world and the defense of the historic Christian faith. SES offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees (along with several for-credit certificates) that uniquely integrate theology, philosophy, and apologetics to build a complete and systematic Christian worldview.

For more information on SES, visit its website at www.ses.edu or its Facebook page, follow the SES Twitter feed, @sesapologetics, or call (704) 847-5600.