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‘If life has no meaning inside the womb, why should it have meaning outside the womb?’

June 13, 2022

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A recent Gallup poll revealed that for the first time, the majority of Americans believe that abortion on the whole is “morally acceptable.” The survey specified that an overwhelming majority oppose abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy and most oppose abortion in the second trimester. This shift in public opinion on abortion came right after the leaked Supreme Court opinion about the controversial case Dobbs v. Jackson, which indicated that the Court is ready to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Adam Tucker, Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, www.ses.edu) Director of Recruiting and Admissions, commented on this concerning trend in public opinion on abortion, claiming that no matter the public attitude, the unjustified murder of a child is inherently wrong.

Tucker stated, “According to Gallup, for the first time ever, over half of Americans think abortion is ‘morally acceptable.’ While this is tragically sad, it is not surprising. As a survey by The State of Theology discovered, nearly half of American churchgoers disagree or are unsure that abortion is a sin.

“Think about this situation. The majority of Americans think it is okay to kill an unborn human being — in spite of the fact that scientifically and philosophically there is no question that a fetus is a separate human being — but we scratch our heads with confusion wondering why we see spikes in gang violence, school shootings, or assaults. If life has no meaning inside the womb, why should it have meaning outside the womb?”

Tucker continued, “We are living in a culture whose moral reasoning is truly insane, having largely been blinded by decades of sexual vice masquerading as sexual freedom. Abortion, homosexual ‘marriage,’ transgenderism, pornography, no-fault divorce, etc. are all consequences of the sexual ‘revolution’ where we have ignored and corrupted the natural and good purpose of sex into something ugly and selfish. Such corruption is bound to blind us to real morality in general. It truly is a psychosis that must be countered with a generation of well-trained and sober-minded individuals who are prepared to tackle the insanity head-on. The simple fact is that without moral sanity there can be no real social justice.

“One doesn’t have to quote the Bible in order to prove these points. That is why Southern Evangelical Seminary focuses on natural law and the good for humans as humans (in the vein of Thomas Aquinas and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). Starting with the reality we all share in common and relying on the common grace God has given us all, we have common ground from which to argue these issues in the public square. From there we can lovingly lead people to the cross and ultimately to the truthfulness of Christianity.”

The mission of SES is to train men and women, based on the inerrant and infallible written Word of God, for the evangelization of the world and the defense of the historic Christian faith. SES offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees (along with several for-credit certificates) that uniquely integrate theology, philosophy, and apologetics to build a complete and systematic Christian worldview.

For more information on SES, visit its website at www.ses.edu or its Facebook page, follow the SES Twitter feed, @sesapologetics, or call (704) 847-5600.