Southern Evangelical Seminary to Continue Important, Intelligent Dialogue on Pressing Issues




Southern Evangelical Seminary to Continue Important, Intelligent Dialogue on Pressing Issues

SES President Dr. Richard Land: Christians Live in a Time When There Is So Much Important Work to be Done for Furtherance of the Gospel


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—At this past fall’s National Conference on Christian Apologetics, Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, welcomed Answers in Genesis founder and president Ken Ham to dialogue with SES professor emeritus Dr. Richard Howe on the age of the Earth.

Now, after some concerns expressed by Ham about the dialogue, SES is staying true to the goal to continue to create dialogue about the most interesting and sometimes-controversial topics for Christians today.

“As it has for the past 25 years,” said SES President and Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land, “Southern Evangelical Seminary will aim to continue the spirit of healthy and honest dialogue, which we seek to promote in a manner that we believe will benefit and create goodwill among all Christians. When we are questioned for our commitment to such intellectual pursuit, we will respond with yet more openness and dialogue.

“For this particular event, the agreed upon topic of the dialogue was the question of apologetic methodology—not the age of the earth. Dr. Howe is a young-earth creationist himself, which is why he was chosen to participate in this particular discussion, and agrees with Mr. Ham on many issues. Rather, the topic was ‘God’s Word or Man’s Word: From Where Must Apologetics Begin.’ The dialogue was designed to be about the most prudent and effective way one should go about defending the truth claims of Christianity to unbelievers.

“Southern Evangelical Seminary is an institution that promotes and teaches classical apologetics, starting with sensible reality and meeting people where they are,” Land added. “One will be hard-pressed to find a more conservative and steadfast seminary dedicated to teaching and defending the essential doctrines of the historic Christian faith than Southern Evangelical Seminary. SES is one of the last bastions of a robust view of biblical inerrancy. Disparaging and inaccurate remarks about vigorous dialogue that will help Christians better defend their beliefs in a sometimes-hostile environment are not productive for the Kingdom at a time when there is so much important work to be done for the furtherance of the Gospel.”

The dialogue between Ham and Howe can be found online here (begins at approximately 13:30 mark). Several other resources on this dialogue are available:

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