Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Dr. Richard Land Applauds Trump Administration for Restoring Freedom to the Federal Workplace

September 7, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—On Friday evening, news broke that President Donald Trump ordered all federal agencies to “cease and desist” any government training programs that include any reference to “critical race theory” or “white privilege.”

Russ Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said in a letter to federal agencies President Trump recently became aware of, that “executive Branch agencies that have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to date, ‘training’ government workers to believe divisive, anti-American propaganda.”

Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, President Dr. Richard Land issued this statement:

“All Americans who embrace ‘equality under the law’ should applaud OMB Director Vought’s memo ordering all federal agencies to do ‘everything possible within the law’ to cancel contracts or programs promoting ‘white privilege’ and ‘critical race theory.’ Taxpayers should never be funding programs that target or ‘single out’ any one ethnic group—in this case whites—to the exclusion of other ethnic groups, since we are all part of the one human race. It is not only immoral, but likely illegal under current civil rights laws to do so.

“Holding mandated programs in the federal workplace where ‘whites only’ are required to attend sessions where they ‘confirm their white privilege’ and acknowledge ‘complicity in racism’ sounds more like a parody of a Maoist cultural revolution meeting than anything that should ever take place on American soil.

“I can think of nothing more corrosive to Dr. King’s vision of an America where all are judged ‘not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.’

“This memo confirms the isolated reports I have been receiving recently from federal workers in various agencies across the country who have been coerced into participating in such emotional self-flagellation sessions—how profoundly un-American. I applaud the Trump administration for this bold step to restore freedom to the federal workplace.

“And how fitting that President Trump issued this directive on the eve of Labor Day Weekend when Americans celebrate the holiday dedicated to improving the living standards, dignity, and working conditions of America’s working men and women.

“No longer will federal workers at every level be singled out purely by their ethnicity to be harangued and brow-beaten in required ‘white only’ sensitivity sessions.

“The president’s action provides one more cause for celebration this Labor Day Weekend.”

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