Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Dr. Richard Land: ‘We Stand Behind Dr. Martin Luther King’s Belief in Judging Others by the Content of Their Character’

Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Dr. Richard Land: ‘We Stand Behind Dr. Martin Luther King’s Belief in Judging Others by the Content of Their Character’

Leader in Apologetics Education, During a Summer of Strife in America, Declares Its ‘Steadfast Support’ for Civil Rights Leader’s Assertion of 57 Years Ago

August 31, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Among the standout speeches made during the Republican National Convention last week was the one delivered by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the conservative senator who grew up “poor and black,” as he told the millions who watched him endorse President Donald Trump for reelection. Scott, well-known for his Opportunity Agenda—a legislative package promoting quality education and job advancement—said of his first election to Congress, “In an overwhelmingly white district, the voters judged me not on the color of my skin, but on the content of my character.”

The senator was, of course, evoking the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who said in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech 57 years ago this month—on August 28, 1963—“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Says Evangelical leader Dr. Richard land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES,, “SES steadfastly believes in Dr. King’s dream, that we can all live in a country where we will be judged not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character. Dr. King was a Christian man and a Baptist minister, someone we can all stand behind.” At this especially potent time of civil strife, racial division, and violent unrest in the summer of 2020, Dr. Land emphasizes the importance of declaring for absolute clarity that “all humans are created equal. This is natural law.”

“We must speak up to bring a greater understanding to the discussion,” adds Dr. Land on these issues. “All human lives are sacred, whatever their ethnicities.” He prefers this inclusive and all-encompassing expression of God’s love as opposed to anything else. And in doing so, he is echoing an observation by Dr. Corey Miller, president of SES ministry partner Ratio Christi, that “all black lives are sacred.”

The fact that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross to purchase eternal salvation for every human being who will accept Him as their Lord and Savior makes every human being sacred,” Dr. Land also said.

“Consequently, while nearly all true Evangelicals affirm that ‘black lives matter’ as a subset of ‘all human lives are sacred,’ we must separate ourselves emphatically from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, which espouses beliefs that are antithetical to basic foundational tenets of the Christian faith,” Dr. Land pointed out in compelling op-eds in The Christian Post, The Tennessean and The BLM group, noted Dr. Land, “espouses an anti-biblical definition of love, freedom, and justice, as well as opposing the nuclear family and promoting same-sex and transgender ideologies, and is a self-admittedly Marxist organization (see”

Notably, SES acknowledges “that the cancer of racism still exists in America,” referring to it as a “disgusting form of sinful human pride” that is “common to the fallen human condition” (Jer. 17:9; Rom. 3:23). Yet SES remains “committed to fighting the corruption and darkness of racism with the salt of the law and the light of the Gospel” (Matt 5:13-16). 

Dr. Land aptly added, “The Declaration of Independence is based on natural law. In reality, John Locke could have sued Thomas Jefferson for plagiarism. The ‘self-evident’ language and the idea that ‘all men are created equal’ come straight out of ‘natural law.’”

Dr. Richard Land, a prominent voice on religion and ethics in both academia and the media, explores many other timely and critical topics in his daily radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” as well as in his weekly column for The Christian Post, where he serves as executive editor.

Land also teaches classes at SES on a regular basis. Recently he taught a live-streaming ethics class, discussing key issues with students from the perspective of biblical truth and natural law. Later this fall (October 19-24) SES will offer a new class on “Christian Theology, Social Justice, and Racism.” Land will be the “lead teacher” in the class, which will include prominent guest speakers who will address various aspects of these issues. It will be a live streaming course. Learn more about this and other SES classes here or visit

SES has announced its 2020 National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA), set as a virtual event from Oct. 12-17. It will focus on the theme of “Hold Fast” on core issues such as Truth, Faith, and Human Dignity. The 27th NCCA will welcome some of the U.S.’s top apologetics speakers to address these themes. Read more here about Southern Evangelical Seminary and SES President Dr. Richard Land, as well as his radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” which airs on nearly 800 stations nationwide.

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