Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Exciting New Session of Classes—from Ethics and Atheism to Life, Work and Resurrection of Jesus—Begin Soon

Southern Evangelical Seminary’s Exciting New Session of Classes—from Ethics and Atheism to Life, Work and Resurrection of Jesus—Begin Soon

Courses Enable Students to Rationally and Lovingly Defend Both Their Faith and the Inerrant Word of God; Stir Up Debate with Non-Believers

January 8, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—For those who want to be equipped to engage today’s culture as salt and light, Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) has an exciting lineup of winter and spring courses that will help Christians be prepared to proclaim the Gospel, engage the culture and defend the truth.

Classes in the upcoming winter and spring modules will be offered in a variety of formats, from on-campus to online to live-streaming.

SES President and Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land said the seminary is looking forward to the new semester and yet another opportunity to glorify God through the teaching of apologetics.

“As we look back on 2019 and ahead to 2020, Southern Evangelical Seminary is extremely grateful to God for the many blessings that He has bestowed on us over the past 28 years,” Land said. “SES has focused on equipping students as well as attendees at SES’s annual apologetics conference to rationally and lovingly defend both their faith and the inerrant Word of God. There has perhaps never been a more important time for American Christians to know what we believe, why we believe it, and why we are commanded and compelled to share it with others.

“SES is uniquely positioned to offer students something that cannot be found anywhere else in an evangelical context—resident and online education programs that integrate theology, apologetics and classical philosophy to construct a full-orbed worldview,” Land continued. “We are convinced that no one of these academic disciplines by itself provides the fully-armed defense of the historic Christian faith that a thorough grounding in all three fields provides. Plus, with nationally known faculty such as J. Warner Wallace, Richard Howe and many others, our students’ learning experiences are second-to-none.”

Classes can be taken for-credit via SES’s degree and certificate programs, and audit options are also available. Evening courses are tailored toward working adults, and live-streaming allows for classroom engagement anywhere in the world. The courses offer students of all ages valuable insights that will help them engage the ideas of today’s culture regardless of the ministry context or stage of life.

A sampling of upcoming courses include the following; unless otherwise noted classes run Jan. 20-May 8:

  • Philosophy of Science | J.T. Bridges | Live-stream | Jan. 13-18
  • Contemporary Atheism | Richard Howe | Live-stream | Jan. 13-18
  • Man, Sin, Salvation, and the Person and Work of Christ | Richard Land | On campus and live-stream | Jan. 13-18
  • Ethics | Richard Land | Independent Study
  • Christianity and the Arts | Joel Paulus | On campus and live-stream | Jan. 20-March 13
  • Christian Apologetics | David Geisler | Independent Study
  • Resurrection of Jesus | J. Warner Wallace | Online
  • Discipleship | Timothy Brown | On campus and live-stream
  • Advanced Greek Exegesis | Melton Winstead | On campus and live-stream
  • Biblical Hebrew | Floyd Elmore | On campus and live-stream
  • First Research Language Competency | Brian Huffling | On campus
  • Biblical Theology & Principles of Mission | Ken Baker | Independent Study
  • New Testament Survey: The Epistles and Revelation | Melton Winstead | On campus, online and live-stream
  • Old Testament Survey: Job-Malachi | Thomas Howe | Online
  • Philosophy of Hermeneutics | Thomas Howe | On campus and live-stream
  • Philosophy of Education | Brian Huffling | Live-stream
  • Introduction to Philosophy | Brian Huffling | Online
  • Existence of God | Richard Howe | Live-stream
  • History of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy | Brian Huffling | Online
  • Moral Philosophy | Timothy Brown | Online
  • Philosophy of Religion | Timothy Brown | Online
  • Metaphysics | J.T. Bridges | Online
  • Apologetics and the Pulpit Ministry | Barry Leventhal | On campus
  • Writing and Research Skills | Christina Woodside | Online
  • Survey of Bible Doctrine | Douglass Potter | Online
  • Prolegomena and Bibliology | J.T. Bridges | Independent Study
  • Theology Proper and Creation | J.T. Bridges | Online
  • Pneumatology, Ecclesiology & Eschatology  | Barry Leventhal | Online and live-stream
  • Hermeneutics | Timothy Brown | Independent Study

For information about enrolling or about upcoming courses, email

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