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Initiative Launched by the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

November 4, 2022

WASHINGTON —The  Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force and the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation are collaborating to stop COVID-19 vaccine mandates for children. Each organization is asking its members to send emails demanding governors and state legislators to issue public statements refusing to follow the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) unanimous vote to “recommend” the COVID-19 injections for all U.S. infants, children and teens, beginning at 6 months of age and continuing annually until adulthood. The CDC has adopted ACIP’s recommendation.

Each state decides which injections will be placed on the childhood immunization schedule.  Many states, however, follow the CDC recommendations and may mandate COVID-19 injections in order for children to attend school, play in sports and engage in many other activities.

Mounting evidence has demonstrated that COVID-19 MRNA injections do not stop infection or transmission of the virus. Healthy children are at virtually no risk of hospitalization or death from COVID. Meanwhile, serious adverse events have occurred in children who have been forced to take the vaccine, including neurological damage and myocarditis.

Reggie Littlejohn, co-chair of the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force, stated, “Not a single longitudinal study has been conducted regarding the effects of MRNA gene-therapy injections on children. We simply do not know what the long-term risks might be regarding fertility, cardiac and neurological issues, or auto-immune disease. Most children have already had COVID and recovered, giving them natural immunity. Under these circumstances, it makes no medical sense to require infants and children to be injected. Such a requirement should be rejected.”

The organizations are urging their members to send messages to the appropriate state officials, asking them to take a stand against mandating COVID-19 injections for children as young as 6 months old. Concerned citizens can take action HERE.

The Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force is a joint project of the Committee on the Present Danger: China and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers. The initiative was originally drafted by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.