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The American Pastors Network for The Christian Post: Finding you identity in Christ in 2020

By Sam Rohrer for The Christian Post

As adopted children of God, we have an elevated identity in Christ and should be like Christ — an incredible goal to aspire to in 2020. But what does ‘like Christ’ mean? When we make mistakes and sin every day, it’s easy to become discouraged and to give up even trying to be like Christ. Yet 1 John 3:3 teaches everyone with their identity in Christ purifies themselves as Christ is pure. What does this mean? First, if you’re a believer, we can live in daily confidence. We’re forgiven. The penalty of our sins has been paid!

Second, we can live in victory. While our flesh is weak, the Spirit is empowering. When we lean on God’s strength, we can live out God’s will — God’s way. Understanding our identity in Christ, living empowered by His strength and being grateful to God our loving Father is what enables us to be like Christ and impact the world for Him.

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