The Shocking Dichotomy Between Conservatives and Liberals Regarding Marriage

The Shocking Dichotomy Between Conservatives and Liberals Regarding Marriage

80% of Conservatives Say Marriage Is Needed to Create Strong Families—And the Evidence Proves It

October 28, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A new study by the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) finds there is a shocking difference when it comes to marriage between conservatives versus liberals.

Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, President Dr. Richard Land addressed the survey on two recent installments of his daily radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” heard on nearly 800 stations nationwide.

“This study found a yawning gap between self-identifying conservatives and self-identified liberals when it comes to marriage,” Land noted. “In fact, 62% of conservatives are married, compared with 39% of liberals and 46% of moderates. And according to the study’s authors, conservatives are far more likely to be married even when you control for relevant factors like age. An article by Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle pointed this out. For example, in the last presidential election, Hillary Clinton carried single women by 31 points over Donald Trump. She carried married women by just 2 points, and Donald Trump actually carried married women with children by a slight margin.

“What the IFS study shows is that conservatives value marriage more than moderates,” Land continued. “Indeed, the study found that conservatives—80% of them—say marriage is needed to create strong families. Among liberals, that figure is only 33%, and conservatives are much more likely to say that they are satisfied with their own family life, 52%, compared with liberals and moderates who say 41% are satisfied with their family lives.”

Land added that studies have repeatedly confirmed that married people live longer, are happier and have more prosperous lives. This is especially clear when it comes to children.

“No government subsidy program can substitute for the benefits of having two adults, not just one, focus their attention and resources on a child’s needs,” Land said. “Conservatives are right that marriage is important, and when society loses that perspective, it’s very dangerous for the citizens. Marriage is and always has been incredibly important to both individual and societal health. When a society rejects that truth or ignores it, it has serious negative consequences for that society, especially for its children. The greatest single advantage a child can have in America today is to be raised in an intact, two-parent family with a mom and a dad who care for and nurture that child. Such children are much more likely to finish high school, not get involved with drugs, not have a child out of wedlock, not be physically or sexually abused, finish college, get married and stay married than children who are not raised in such a nurturing environment.

“When 40% of our children are born out of wedlock and half of our children have lost their father in the home by the age of 6, isn’t it time to revalue marriage—God’s institution for human health and flourishing?”

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