This PC Culture Is Damaging to Children

This PC Culture Is Damaging to Children

Southern Evangelical Seminary President Dr. Richard Land: ‘Why Can’t We as a Society Acknowledge That the Two-Parent Marriage Is Best for Children?’

November 19, 2019

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A new, interesting and illuminating study about the differences between conservatives and liberals and their views of marriage recently captured the attention of many, including Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, President and Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land.

“This poll shared that self-identified conservatives and self-identified liberals had very different views of the importance of marriage,” Land said. “Conservatives were more likely to be married, 62%, compared to 46% of moderates and 39% for liberals. When it came to the importance of marriage in creating healthy families, the gap was even wider—80% of conservatives believe that families are really important compared to 32% of liberals.”

Land noted that these findings caused Erica Komisar, a psychoanalyst and author of “Being There: Why Prioritizing Motherhood in the First Three Years Matters,” to write a column for the Wall Street Journal, in which she proclaimed that conservatives are right, and political correctness is bad for kids.

Komisar points out, for instance, that “Marriage provides children both emotional and material security, and the ideal environment for children is a loving household with both a sensitive and empathic mother and a playful, engaged and protective father. It’s a shame that political correctness inhibits discussions of what’s best for children.” She goes on to say, “Children need a balance of secure attachment and healthy separation, and the traditional two-parent structure provides it. Mothers are uniquely suited for sensitive nurturing, which helps regulate distress and is critical to early development. Fathers provide balance by teaching children to regulate their aggression and become independent.”

“Ms. Komisar stresses that she sees children in her practice who do not come from such families, and they are not as well balanced,” Land said. “Additionally, studies have repeatedly confirmed that married people live longer, are happier and have more prosperous lives. This is especially clear when it comes to children. Why can’t we as a society acknowledge that the two-parent marriage is best for children?”

Land addressed the marriage survey and follow-up headlines on his daily radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” heard on nearly 800 stations nationwide.

Headlines like these link directly into SES’s curriculum as students delve into Christian apologetics, how it applies to practical daily life, and how to rationally, intelligently and lovingly defend the historic Christian faith. For example, students also debate news and commentary through its “Philosophy, Politics and Economics” program. Offered primarily at just a few top-tier universities around the world, SES’s PPE program introduces students to a Christian perspective of how philosophy, politics and economics intersect, focusing on the works of Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Karl Marx, Thomas Aquinas, Robert Sirico, Jay Richards and others.

In the creation of SES’s PPE program, the realization was made that virtually all cultural issues will have the potential to relate to the studies in the concentration, according to Land and other architects of the program. Nearly every issue that creates discussion and debate in our society is connected to what SES teaches through PPE. Encouraging and training more Christians about these issues is why the PPE program exists at SES.

For 27 years, SES has equipped students and ministry leaders to share the Gospel from an intelligent, informed and rational biblical worldview. Courses, conferences, seminars, guest speakers and more seek to accomplish this longstanding mission. Central to this purpose is the provision of a biblical basis and an academic understanding of believers’ commitment to Christ. Therefore, SES seeks to provide an educational opportunity where the Christian worldview is both a framework for thinking and a dynamic for living.

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