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Timothy Plan is a family of award-winning, faith-based mutual funds. For over twenty years, Timothy Plan has existed to help advisers and investors achieve their financial goals through a pro-life, pro-family approach to investing—not only to benefit the investor but the broader culture. Timothy Plan is firmly committed to running a mutual fund company with the integrity, excellence, and wisdom that brings honor and glory to our Lord Jesus.

The Timothy Plan’s foundational principle is that God owns everything. This is what motivated the birth of our company, and what continues to fuel the advancement of faith-based investing.

Services include Biblically Responsible Screening using the eVALUEator research tool, Fund Management, Personal Service, Moral Audits, Giving Back by supporting ministries and Connecting investors with biblically responsible advisers.


ArtAlly_72dpiArthur Ally

Art Ally is founder and president of Timothy Plan. Combining his love for God and vocation in finance, he has worked for 40 years investing with Biblical standards. He is an author, speaker, businessman, and advocate.

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