Timothy Plan’s Israel Common Values Fund Continues Steady Performance Despite Ongoing Middle East Conflict

“Those who bless Abraham’s descendants will be blessed, and those who curse them will be cursed” (Genesis 12:13). Timothy Plan: We Fear God, Not Man

June 28, 2021

ORLANDO, FL—Timothy Partners, Ltd., advisor to Timothy Plan (timothyplan.com), supports Israel and encourages investors to do the same. Timothy Plan’s Israel Common Values mutual fund offers investors an opportunity to show their support for Israel as they strive for growth and value in a balanced portfolio.

Living, investing and thriving is difficult in Israel. Yet, defying all odds, Israel has become the No. 8 superpower in the world, with a prospering economy that allows them to bless nations around them, even those who threaten Israel. The tiny nation – smaller than New Jersey – has, over its 73-year history, been involved in 13 wars. God’s hand protects Israel and its people, and despite the wars and aggressions, Israel lives by God’s promise in Amos 9:15 that its many enemies will never again conquer it.

The nation of Israel was reborn after nearly 2,000 years of dispersion and oppression. Since May 14, 1948, Israel has enjoyed God’s blessings and endured many threats and attacks. Amid rising antisemitism worldwide, Israel provides food and water to Arab nations, medical research for the world during the pandemic and cybersecurity solutions to governments worldwide.

Israel is home to the most cutting-edge tech companies in the world. Their cybersecurity, drone technology, autonomous vehicle tech and medical research attract a growing list of international investors. Some 2,500 U.S. firms have offices there.

Timothy Plan’s Israel Common Values is composed of companies either domiciled or incorporated in the country of Israel and cash (as any mutual fund must). The fund aligns with the Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) principles of all Timothy Plan funds and ETFs. Israeli companies are filtered with eight core values that define all Timothy funds: Pro-life, Family, Biblical Lifestyle, Liberty, Sobriety, Purity, Longevity and Stewardship.

“As with U.S. companies, not all Israeli companies meet Timothy Plan’s Biblically Responsible Investment standards,” said Timothy Plan founder and President Art Ally. “Israeli companies continue to flourish, even as Hamas rockets target Jerusalem, elections are challenged and Middle East violence erupts.”

According to the book Start-Up Nation, many investment portfolios actively exclude businesses in Israel, conforming to the cultural pressures of the BDS movement. Even many Jewish-owned funds, foundations and endowments invest more in Israel’s enemies than in their own country. Nations like Qatar, a co-founder of Hamas, hold more Jewish investment money than Israel.

“We fear God more than men,” Art Ally continued. “God’s standards have never shifted. He is not swayed by cultural pressures or international boycotts. God honors Israel, and we will continue doing the same. This family of funds is one way for people who love Israel like we do to put their money where their heart is and support our Common Values.”

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