Total Acceptance and Unconditional Love Uncommon in Today’s Relationships


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July 31, 2017


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Total Acceptance and Unconditional Love Uncommon in Today’s Relationships, Write
Dr. Paul and Terrie Chappell in New Book

Marriage Rates Have Declined for Decades, Perhaps Because, According to the Chappells’ New Book ‘Are We There Yet?,’ Marriage is Hard Work


LOS ANGELES—It’s no secret that fewer and fewer Americans are choosing to get married. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports the share of adults who are married has been steadily declining for decades. In 2014, just half of Americans were married, down from 57 percent in 2000 and 72 percent in 1960.

The marriage business is feeling the crunch, too. recently reported that the decline in marriage is hitting Las Vegas hard, where “working-class troubles mean fewer weddings in the marriage capital.” And likewise, a MarketWatch video relayed how brick-and-mortar jewelry stores are struggling because “marriage-phobic” millennials are putting off major life events.

While the numbers don’t lie, the more abstract question to consider is “why?”

Dr. Paul and Terrie Chappell write in their soon-to-be-released book, Are We There Yet? Marriage—a Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples,that many couples may be disillusioned with marriage for a variety of reasons, including the fact that husbands and wives don’t automatically change once the rings are slipped on.

“Truthfully, many people approach marriage with the idea that they can change their spouse after they are married,” Paul Chappell writes in the new book, “Are We There Yet?” where the couple of 36 years equates marriage to a journey. “After marriage, most spouses find out that changing another person is not only impossible, but attempting to do so is damaging to their relationship. The instruction of Genesis 2 for a couple to cleave to one another includes that we accept and love our spouse for who they are. Total acceptance and unconditional love are not common in today’s relationships. Some would even say it is impossible or foolish. The world believes that couples who stay married 50, 60 and 70 years must have been perfect for each other—that their success is rooted in the fact that they were two lucky people who found their soulmates and that the rest of us mortals are foolish to insist on cleaving to one another during times of pain or difficulty.

“The world is wrong,” he continues. “Marriage, as God designed it, carries a commitment to cleave—to hold onto your spouse. It is a decision you make when you exchange marriage vows with one another and a decision you keep every day of your lives as you freely give acceptance and refuse to let your hearts wander from one another. This is where the real work of marriage comes in. It is the intertwining of lives that happens over time. And it is the stuff of marriage.”

In Are We There Yet?” the Chappells candidly share biblical principles and personal, transparent illustrations that will equip couples to travel down the road of marriage further together. Whether newlyweds or married for decades, husbands and wives will find truth in “Are We There Yet?” to help them clarify their destination, communicate their needs, grow as a couple and even shed some baggage along the way.

With chapter titles such as “It Looked Different in the Picture,” “Paying with Foreign Currency,” “It’s a Two-Lane Highway,” “Unexpected Turbulence,” “Traveling Light” and “Booking a Room,” “Are We There Yet?” explores topics from expectations, needs and communication to trials, forgiveness and intimacy.

Paul and Terrie Chappell live in Lancaster, Calif., where he is senior pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church and the president of West Coast Baptist College. His biblical vision has led the church to become one of the most dynamic Baptist churches in the nation. Dr. Chappell’s preaching is heard on “Daily in the Word,” a radio broadcast heard across America, and he is the author of more than 25 additional books, including “Disciple: Daily Truths from the Gospel of Luke for Followers of Jesus,” “Take it Personally: A Practical Guide to Owning and Obeying the Great Commission,” “When a Nation Turns Its Back to God: Living as a Bible-Believing Minority in the United States of America” and “Making Home Work: Biblical Principles for Raising Children and Building Families,” among many others.

Terrie Chappell leads the ladies’ ministry at Lancaster Baptist Church and is also a conference speaker. She is the author of “It’s a Wonderful Life: Serving God Joyfully in Marriage and Ministry” and “The Choice is Yours: Life Happens, Walking with God Is a Decision.” The Chappells have four married children, who all serve in full-time Christian ministry, and nine grandchildren.

Pre-orders for Are We There Yet? are beginning now online at Bonus items for those who pre-order before the Oct. 17 release date include: Chapter 1 in PDF format, a marriage Q&A video session with the Chappells, downloadable “Travel with Me” cards—52 questions to inspire your marriage journey; and a printed “Are We There Yet?” companion guide for the first 1,000 pre-orders.

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