Trail Life USA is a strong place for boys to grow up as men

Recent Focus on the Family interview highlights Proven Process to raise up godly men

July 25, 2022

GREENVILLE, S.C.— In a society where the lines between masculine and feminine are constantly blurred, boys need a place where their assertive, audacious, and adventurous nature is celebrated, not sequestered. Boys don’t fit naturally in a “sit still, be quiet, pay attention” environment.

Today, too many boys spend too much of their day in classrooms and other environments where the primary goal is control and compliance — where everything is locked down tight. Trail Life USA (  offers an outdoor environment where boys are engaged in real-world challenges and experience camping, hiking, and fishing. Boys develop skills in riflery, archery, and canoeing, and learn character and leadership in a practical hands-on manner that is naturally engaging.

Lacking these opportunities, “men and boys are being hit particularly hard right now,” stated Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock. “Men account for 4 out of 5 suicides in America and double the drug-related deaths. Depression and drug-related deaths are at an all-time high. Depression now affects nearly 33% of the population (a 285% increase from 2019 to 2021). The most rapidly growing demographic for suicide is boys ages 10-14.”

Raising Godly Boys,” an innovative new resource from Trail Life USA, outlines a Proven Process to guide, ground, appreciate, and inspire boys. In order to turn back the tide and raise up a remnant of strong, godly young men, Trail Lifehas identified four needs that must be met for boys to become strong, competent, godly men.

The Trail Life USA Proven Process addresses four significant problems that are plaguing boys as they seek to navigate the perilous journey to manhood: they are unappreciated, unguided, ungrounded, and too often, uninspired. First, boys are unappreciated by a culture that is promoting girls and leaving boys behind. Boys are told to sit down, be still and behave like the girls. But boys aren’t defective girls. Second, boys are unguided, meaning that there is a shortage of godly male role models for a large percentage of boys across America. Third, boys are ungrounded — as the cultural definition of ‘truth’ continues to shift, boys don’t have a firm moral compass. And finally, boys are uninspired — without the challenges of risk and reward, boys lose interest quickly since there isn’t anything at stake.

The launch of this innovative new resource coincides with Hancock’s upcoming appearance on Focus on the Family on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. In the powerful broadcast titled “A Strong Place for Boys to Grow Up as Men,” Hancock discusses the need for a faith-based scouting program like Trail Life.

Hancock explained, “The truth is, boys and girls are different and boys need adventure… they crave it! They need to be outside. They need to run, play, climb trees and skin their knees. Boys need to come home with dirty fingernails, holey jeans, and muddy shoes to a loving family that understands their exuberance, yet still offers clear guidance and structure.”

For more information about “Raising Godly Boys” and a host of other tools and resources, visit the Raising Godly Boys Website.

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