Trail Life USA National Backyard Concert & Campout Experienced by Thousands

Families Across the U.S. Joined the Live Event Celebrating Outdoor Adventure, Character, Leadership, and Faith

May 26, 2021

GREENVILLE, S.C.—On Friday, May 21, Trail Life USA ( saw thousands of families join the National Backyard Concert and Campout Event with for King and Country, that featured inspiring messages from Dennis Rainey, Focus on the Family, Operation Christmas Child, and more. Trail Life Troops across the country lit fires, pitched tents, and gathered with families and friends in the outdoors to enjoy music, games, food, fun, and inspiration. From New York to California, families celebrated with hot dogs, water guns, kick ball games, fishing competitions, scavenger hunts, tug of war battles, s’mores, and big splash competitions. Thousands of others tuned in through the CBN media platforms, reaching over 3.1 million potential viewers.

Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, thanked all the participants. “We are so honored to be invited into thousands of American backyards, churches, and campgrounds. It has been inspiring to hear the truly heartwarming stories of how this event impacted entire families.”

One father shared the interaction he had with his teenage son during the event, “Amazing night! It’s not often that you get a 14-year-old boy to volunteer feelings, but tonight is one of those nights I will never forget. Sitting around a campfire watching the Trail Life USA Backyard Campout and Concert my son turned to me, got a little teary eyed, and says ‘Dad, thank you for everything you do for me, and thank you for doing Trail Life with me. I love you dad.’ Needless to say, my eyes started leaking as well. Very cool stuff!” He continued, “Parents, never underestimate the power of a little quality time with your kids. They won’t remember the things you buy them, but they will forever remember the times together!”

CBN will re-air the entire program Memorial Day weekend. Make it a part of your larger family celebration Memorial Weekend, or watch your favorite moments again at or on any CBN News platform: CBN News Channel, CBN YouTube,, CBN News Facebook, or theCBN News app.

Hancock encouraged families who enjoyed the event to take the next step. “We look forward to hearing from the many churches and families who inspired by the music, the stories, and the speakers, and are passionate about raising up the next generation of men who honor God, lead with integrity, and serve others. Trail Life has team members across the nation ready to help launch a Troop in your community. We’ve seen amazing growth already in 2021 with 3,700 new members this year. That’s over 65 new Troops in under five months”

To find a Troop near you, click here. For details on how to start a Troop, visit the Start a Troop page at

Trail Life USA is the premier national character development organization for young men producing godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens. Trail Life’s mission is to guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.

Since Trail Life USA launched on January 1, 2014, it has grown to over 30,000 members and over 850 Troops across the nation. The K-12 program centers on outdoor experiences that build a young man’s skills. A robust awards program motivates young men to grow on a personal level to become role models and leaders among their peers. Living the Trail Life USA is a journey established on timeless values derived from the Bible. 

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To interview Mark Hancock from Trail Life USA, contact, Jeff Tolson, 610.584.1096, ext. 108, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.