Trail Life USA’s Mark Hancock to Speak at Promise Keepers Fatherhood Summit on November 10

Other Speakers Include Tony Evans, A. R. Bernard, and Many More

November 8, 2021

GREENVILLE, S.C. Trail Life USA (, the largest Christ-centered, boy-focused scout-type organization in the country, is pleased to announce that CEO Mark Hancock will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming Promise Keepers Fatherhood Summit onNovember 10, 2021. The event is designed to challenge men to better engage their children and model fatherhood as God intended.

The 2020 U.S. Census reported that one in four children, or 18.3 million kids, live in a home without a father, step-father, or father-figure. Children who grow up without a strong paternal figure in their lives are more likely to have behavioral problems, have substance abuse issues, drop out of school, or other concerning traits. The need for a godly role model is great, yet many men struggle to make that connection with the children in their lives.

For Hancock and Trail Life, the goal of inspiring men to be godly fathers and mentors is key to the development of boys of all ages. Dedicated to building character, fostering leadership skills, and encouraging adventure in boys across America, Trail Life offers a safe place for boys and men to create meaningful relationships that will impact both fathers and sons. Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life, commented, “Our society is plagued by absent or disengaged fathers. But willing men can make a difference. Boys need men who are enthralled by their exuberance, acknowledge their abilities, pursue their passions, celebrate their strengths, and nurture their independence.”

Hancock highlights four pivotal areas that are neglected for boys in today’s society. Hancock said, “Boys are particularly in trouble today, and there are four cultural challenges that they face. First, boys are unguided, meaning that there is a shortage of godly male role models for a large percentage of boys across America. Second, boys are ungrounded—as the cultural definition of ‘truth’ continues to shift, boys don’t have a firm moral compass. Third, boys are unappreciated by a culture that is promoting girls and leaving boys behind. And finally, boys are uninspired—without the challenges of risk and reward, boys are losing interest in things since there isn’t anything at stake.”

The solution to these issues, according to Hancock, is for parents and guardians of boys to spend time building meaningful, Christ-centered relationships with their sons. “To fathers and father figures,” Hancock stated, “you’ve got to be there for your sons, walking them through challenges, helping them encounter difficult situations, and encouraging them—that’s the sort of relationship to build with your son that will have a lasting impact.”

As a way to encourage dads to spend time with their sons, Trail Life will be offering a badge project for fathers and sons to do together at the Fatherhood Summit. The “Improvised Tools” step on the “Science and Technology Branch” of the Forest Badge will have fathers and sons researching ancient methods to make tools, studying the differences between modern tools and their older versions, and even attempting to make their own tools and completing a task using them.

“Trail Life USA supplies the place, the programs, and the outdoor adventures to connect boys to other boys, to adult mentors, and to their God-given purpose to become godly men,” said Hancock. “This is our moment to show the kind of positive, meaningful impact that Trail Life Troops can make in boys’ lives, and to inspire them to strengthen and maintain those friendships with fellow Troop members and mentors into their adult years.”

For more information about the Promise Keepers Fatherhood Summit on November 10, 2021 or to register for the event, click here.

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