Voters Take Note as Senators Ask President to Cut Relief Funds for States That Close Churches

Voters Take Note as Senators Ask President to Cut Relief Funds for States That Close Churches

iVoterGuide: ‘The Real Power Is Not in the Hands of the Senators but in Those of the People’

August 4, 2020

DALLAS, Texas — U.S. senators just provided voters with another litmus test for which elected officials support constitutionally protected religious liberty, by asking President Trump to give COVID-19 relief money only to states that allow houses of worship to hold services during the pandemic.

A letter to Trump from Senators Tom Cotton Arkansas, Mike Lee of Utah and others cited “reported cases of states and localities prohibiting religious entities, including houses of worship, from reopening safely despite compliance with safety precautions.” The senators called for restriction of COVID-19 relief funds intended for those states to send “a clear and unequivocal message that religious liberty matters, and that no state or locality can unilaterally strip away protected constitutional rights.”

The letter may help protect religious liberty, but true protection starts at the polls, says iVoterGuide President Debbie Wuthnow.

“The real power is not in the hands of the senators but in those of the people,” Wuthnow said. “If the voters do not like that their state leaders are infringing upon their religious liberty, they should use the power of the ballot box and elect someone else that shares their views and values.” 

The letter’s signers include Senators Mike Lee, Utah; Mike Braun, Indiana; Josh Hawley, Missouri; Steve Daines, Montana; Kelly Loeffler, Georgia; Thom Tillis, North Carolina; Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi; Roger Wicker, Mississippi; James Lankford, Oklahoma; and Tom Cotton, Arkansas.

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