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“The acceptance of transgenderism as a ‘social good’ requires the rejection of basic biology, common sense, and compassion”

April 25, 2022

WASHINGTON D.C. — As parents grow increasingly more concerned with the rise of the transgender identity in modern culture and in schools, many Leftists argue that allowing or even encouraging children to chose their own gender is what’s best for their mental, emotional and physical health. However, Ryan Bomberger, chief creative officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation (Radiance, www.radiance.life), asserts that science and the law are clear: there are only two genders. Yet politicians and activists continue to strongly encourage children to “transition” their gender. Bomberger believes that lying to children about basic biology, encouraging dangerous carcinogenic body-altering drugs, and celebrating the amputation of perfectly functioning body parts is child abuse.

Bomberger stated, Planned Parenthood claims that ‘your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl.’” This is from an organization that is now profiting from selling puberty blockers. This ‘gender spectrum’ rhetoric is championed by leading LGBT organizations, including the ACLU, Lambda Legal, and Human Rights Campaign. It has rapidly become a religion among leftist politicians and Bible-evading churches where blasphemy can get you finedfired, and finished financiallyWelcome to the cult of transgenderism.

“Planned Parenthood and its LGBT allies pretend that sex is ‘assigned at birth.’ Established science has long known that sex is determined at fertilization and can be visibly determined via ultrasound as early as 11 weeks in utero and with 99% accuracy after 17 weeks gestation.”

Bomberger continued, “The acceptance of transgenderism as a ‘social good’ requires the rejection of basic biology, common sense, and compassion. Mainstream media, in its effort to put an unjustifiable positive-only spin on all things LGBTQIA+, never bothers to challenge any assertions of the pseudoscientific propaganda. In the process, the unquestioned activism is mangling our language, erasing women, and putting young children in harm’s way. A culture that once said, ‘just say no to drugs’ is now saying, ‘say yes to dangerous drugs and body-mutilating surgeries’ all because of self-identification rooted in treatable confusion.”

Bomberger explained, “The former chief psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, along with acclaimed psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Mayer, released an extraordinary and extensive study on Sexuality and Gender, debunking much of the junk science out there masquerading as fact. McHugh indicates that the suicide rate of ‘transgendered’ people who’ve gone through the drastic ‘reassignment surgery’ is 20 times higher than non-transgendered people.” 

Bomberger concluded, “There is too much at stake to wave this extremism off as ‘personal freedom.’ Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. And that starts with being told the truth.”

The Radiance Foundation is a faith-based, educational, life-affirming 501c3 nonprofit organization. Through creative ad campaigns, powerful multimedia talks, fearless journalism, and compassionate community outreaches, The Radiance Foundation affirms that every human life has God-given purpose. The Radiance Foundation speaks to a variety of different topics, such as critical race theory, the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ+ activism, the First Amendment, and other critical issues. Radiance has helped to lead congressional briefings and summits on Capitol Hill on abortion, adoption, and racism, as well as spoken to thousands of students on campuses around the world including Harvard, Trinity College, Princeton University, University of Notre Dame, Mizzou, Columbia Law School, Penn State University, Eureka College, and Arizona State University, among others.

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