West Coast Baptist College Faculty Bring First-Hand Ministry Experience to Online Master’s Students




West Coast Baptist College Faculty Bring First-Hand Ministry Experience to Online Master’s Students

For Those Resolving to Further Education in 2018, West Coast Baptist Offers Master of Religious Education Degree With Three Concentrations


LOS ANGELES—Many graduate students balance their higher education with a plethora of other responsibilities—a full-time job, family, serving in ministry and more.

For this reason, the faculty at West Coast Baptist College (WCBC) are perfectly suited to engage with their students who choose to pursue an online master’s degree. They, too, are involved in ministry, active in their communities and serving Jesus.

“When busy professionals make the important choice to further their education, they can rest assured that West Coast Baptist faculty know exactly where they’re coming from—they’ve been there!” said West Coast Baptist College President Dr. Paul Chappell. “Our faculty do much more than simply teach in the classroom. They can identify with adult students who are juggling every area of life, also serving in ministry and making a difference in the lives around them.

“From the very beginning of West Coast Baptist College in 1995,” Chappell continued, “we sought to coalesce a team of quality, biblically minded, doctrinally sound and academically strong faculty. These early instructors provided a strong foundation that has been added to in successive years. The Lord has blessed WCBC with able and qualified faculty who model church ministry, provide servant leadership and give quality instruction to students.”

Chappell added that those who may be considering graduate education in the new year can choose West Coast Baptist College’s Master of Religious Education degree—on-campus or online—with concentrations in Bible, education or music:

  • Bible—Students can conduct advanced research, learn how to love the Word of God on a deeper level than ever before, experience the depth of its history and truths, and learn how to apply them in practical ministry.
  • Education—In the education concentration, instructors will learn the various styles of learning and teaching and how to apply them in their classrooms in relevant ways, which will help shape the future by teaching the next generation how to live for Christ.
  • Music—Music is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways. In this concentration, students will learn how it can emotionally guide and promote spiritual concepts as well as master its use effectively in church environments to honor and glorify Christ.

The high-quality and affordable master’s program is also geared toward busy professionals, with classes meeting weekly, whether online or on campus. And regardless if students attend classes online or in person, they are enrolled in the same classes with the same instructors, covering the same material. The WCBC online master’s degree program is not just pre-recorded lectures; the program matches the full classroom experience.

Those interested in the West Coast Baptist College master’s program can learn more here or request further information here. The college is also offering a $1,000 discount to new students who enroll in the WCBC online master’s program before Jan. 22.

West Coast Baptist College has been training leaders at the undergraduate and graduate level for the Lord’s harvest since 1995. The college, an expansion of Lancaster Baptist Church, sits on 83 acres, which have been strategically planned to facilitate the expansion and fulfillment of the mission of WCBC.

The campus and programs of WCBC continue to expand and develop. As a Bible college, the core concentrations are in Bible, Pastoral Studies, Missions, Evangelism, Music, Church Ministries, Christian Education, Ministry Leadership Administration, Office Administration, and Secretarial. To further equip students for the work of the ministry, the college also offers proficiencies in Youth Ministry, Speech, Biblical Counseling and Graphic Design.

Chappell has served Lancaster Baptist Church for 31 years, and he and his wife of 37 years, Terrie, recently released the new book, Are We There Yet? Marriage—a Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples,” a travel-themed guide for marriage.

Read more about West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster Baptist Church, “Are We There Yet?” and the Chappells here. For more information on Dr. Paul Chappell and Lancaster Baptist Church, visit paulchappell.com or www.lancasterbaptist.org, or connect via social media on Facebook, Twitter or the church’s YouTube or Vimeo.