While Reports of Holiday Loneliness Are Up, iVoterGuide Points to the Hope-Filled Truth About Christmas

iVoterGuide: ‘Our Prayer Is That Each Person Would Come to Know the Truth about God’s Enduring Love during Christmas and Epiphany’

December 28, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas — According to a survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, some Americans are feeling a bit sadder, lonelier and less grateful than last year. Just 22% of Americans say they feel very or extremely festive this year, down from 49% one year ago. Those who do feel festive tend to be those least worried about the virus.

iVoterGuide president Debbie Wuthnow stated, “Just as iVoterGuide seeks to give you truth about the candidates during election time, our prayer is that each person would come to know the truth about God’s enduring love during Christmas and Epiphany.  In the eighteenth century, Charles Wesley wrote about Jesus as the ‘desire of every nation and the hope of every longing heart.’ The words still ring true today.”  

Holidays are always a stressful time, “but now people are feeling really, really worn down because this has been going on for so long,” said Dr. Karestan Koenen, a professor of psychiatric epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health. “Some people are suffering financially, and stimulus checks are running out.”

The AP-NORC poll was conducted shortly before the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was authorized for emergency use. The AP-NORC poll of 1,117 adults was conducted Dec. 3-7, 2020.

Overall, half of Americans say they are at least somewhat lonely this holiday season, up from 41% last year. 52% say they are at least somewhat sad, compared to 44% last year. Adults under 30 are more likely than those older to say they feel very sad or lonely — and more feel these emotions this year than they did last year.

“As a nation built on Judeo-Christians foundations, we encourage everyone to look at these days through historic and eternal perspectives,” urged Wuthnow. “As a nation, we have been through much more difficult times, and God has brought us through.  As Christians we know to look beyond this earth, and even this life, for love, fulfillment, and ultimate fellowship.”

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