Will We Throw Away America?

iVoterGuide: America’s Basic Principles are on the Ballot this November

September 8, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas— In a little over two months, voters could decide whether we throw away America. iVoterGuide president, Debbie Wuthnow, asks, “Will America continue standing on the principles of freedom outlined by our Founding Fathers, or will we instead throw it all away and replace it with something else?

She continued, “Our vote this November is more critical than ever. That’s because the forces opposing America have been unleashed. The choice is ours.”

It boils down to Three Choices:

Choice #1:
Keep Religious Freedom or Let Government Dictate Church Practices?

  • The first target of the ‘cancel culture’ is religious freedom. Faith is dangerous to the radical agenda, and so it must be eliminated.
  • Leaders like California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom banned indoor worship for territory covering 80 percent of that state’s residents.
  • Legal defense organizations are inundated with cases where churches and individual Christians have been severely restricted across the nation.

The Choice is Clear:

Will America vote for candidates who see faith as “nonessential”?


Will we vote for candidates who will renew America’s historic affinity for faith in God?

Choice #2:

Keep American Heritage or Tear Down and Rewrite American History as Evil?

  • In June, protests over racial tension turned a corner far beyond race. Peaceful protestors were replaced by radicals taking over blocks of cities, and tearing down statues and monuments of heroes – from founding fathers to first responders – even abolitionists like former African-American slave and statesman, Frederick Douglas.
  • Leaders of these movements proclaim themselves to be “trained Marxists,” and are honored by many candidates for office this election
  • Radicals claim that America is, at its core, an evil nation, and always has been—thatAmerica is not a great nation with flaws, but instead that America is built on a foundation of evil, ignoring the good.

The Choice is Clear:

Will America vote for weak candidates sympathetic with the radical agenda, seeking to totally change our society and system of government?


Will we vote for candidates who will counter these mistaken views, correct the errors, and uphold America’s basic principles?

Choice #3:

Keep the Rule of Law or Defund the Police?

  • As Democratic-run cities across the country vote to defund their police departments, “progressive” politicians make very weak disagreements in order to appease their base.
  • “Christian voters realize that citizens must always be aware of the potential for abuse by government, including law enforcement,” says Wuthnow. “But we are also aware that ‘no authority exists except from God’ (Romans 13:1) and that the police are ‘a minister of God to you for good’ (v.4).

The Choice is Clear:

Will America vote for politicians who accept social chaos and disorder?


Will America vote for politicians who will restore and maintain social order, knowing that where there is no social order, there is anarchy and, eventually, tyranny?

It is imperative that Christian and conservative voters this coming November understand what kind of a future the political candidates favor:

  • Big government tyranny or freedom?
  • Religious freedom or state-mandated thought control?
  • The rule of law or mob rule leading to tyranny?

If Christian voters understand where candidates stand on the issues, they will:

(1) Vote biblically and responsibly, and

(2) Turn out to vote in greater numbers.

Information can lead to better leaders!

“America’s basic principles are on the ballot this November,” says Wuthnow. “The Choice is Ours!”

A critical question iVoterGuide helps voters answer is, “What have those who have been entrusted with power as an elected official done with that authority in the time they have possessed it?”

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