Financial Advisors: Your Practice Is Your Ministry

Biblically Responsible Investing Keeps Christians Focused on Eternity While Planning for Today

July 19, 2021

ORLANDO, Fla.—This world is not our home. We are merely temporary stewards of our earthly possessions – God owns it all. Christian financial planners who see their work as part of God’s eternal plan understand those two foundational concepts and incorporate them into a sound financial strategy.

Art Ally, founder and president of Timothy Plan (, reminds Christian investors and investment consultants that we are responsible for how we steward what belongs to God. “If you live by biblical principles, you don’t support ungodly behaviors like pornography, alcoholism, radical sexual agendas or gambling,” Ally says. “You don’t participate in immoral, anti-family, anti-Christian practices. Why would you invest in companies that do? Investors are owners. If we invest in companies that donate to Planned Parenthood, it’s our money being donated. You have to ask yourself this question: If you are pro-life, how much money is an acceptable amount to invest in abortion?”

Timothy Plan uses the eVALUEator software program to identify companies whose philosophies or practices do not align with biblical values.

“Christian financial advisors should help their clients grow their assets to fund the Kingdom and not think of the money as their own,” Ally says. “The business world promotes the idea of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing.  It’s good to have a cultural impact, but faith-based investors and faith-based investment advisors understand there is a higher purpose – a higher calling. We are called to have a Kingdom impact, not merely a social impact.”

Christian investors can have a profound impact on U.S.-based mutual fund companies. A 2014 Pew Research study found that, at the time, approximately 68% of mutual fund money was invested by Christians. Faith-based, Biblically Responsible Investing is a proactive, inoffensive way of making our moral voice heard where it matters the most – in the deep pockets of corporate America. Biblical Stewardship influences the world, which is exactly what Christians are called to do.

Ally encourages financial advisors to view their role as God views it.

“Every Christian financial advisor is here to glorify God. Your job is to counsel your clients, disciple them in an area that isn’t being taught in churches. If you increase their assets, you must also increase their understanding of Biblical Stewardship. That way, you teach them to depend more on Christ and less on their assets. You teach them not to allow their assets to become their God.  Only a Christian financial advisor who views their profession as a ministry thinks like that.”

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