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New ETFs from Timothy Plan: Biblically Responsible Funds Designed for Faith-Based Investors

Two Timothy Plan Exchange-Traded Funds Will Further Help the Faithful Honor God With Their Money

ORLANDO, Fla.—This spring, Timothy Plan family of funds announced two new Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that will help Christian investors not only balance their investments and build their retirement accounts, but also honor God with their money.

Launched May 1, Timothy Plan Large Cap Core and Timothy Plan High Dividend Stock ETF funds are an affordable, transparent, tax-efficient and simple way to invest. They can balance investments as well as be added to 401(k) plans for retirement savings.

“Timothy Plan is about more than simply not investing in things,” said Timothy Plan founder Art Ally. “Yes, the foundation of our platform is screening companies to make certain the ones we own do not participate in activities that stand contrary to our moral convictions. However, the importance of our mission is rooted every bit as much in our moral imperatives. Within those imperatives is the call to actively support the organizations and companies that are working to build the best possible future, by adhering to the biblical principles of right and wrong. Through our support, and those like us, we will enable organizations with the most positive message to be the most influential in the future designs of our community.”

Timothy Plan notes that Scripture warns that the volume of riches can increase, and the impact can lessen—if that increase in volume is offset by support of activities and ideologies that have a direct negative effect on our community.

“The impact of our investments affects more than the return column on our account statements,” Ally said. “It enables companies of high moral character to establish a greater presence in our community at large.”

The new offerings of Timothy Plan’s ETFs also strive to bring glory to God through biblically responsible investing (BRI). In short, biblical screens and cutting-edge investment strategy are what set Timothy Plan smart beta ETFs apart. Smart beta means that the underlying stocks are valued based on their volatility rather than the company’s size or production. This aligns with Timothy Plan’s goal of godly stewardship while managing risk for the investor by leaning more on companies that exhibit price stability.

Timothy Plan ETFs are set apart for several additional reasons:

ETFs are funds that trade on an exchange like a stock. They are an easy to use, low cost and tax efficient way to invest money and are widely available on most online brokerage accounts and through financial advisors. The Timothy Plan ETFs—U.S. Large Cap Core ETF and High Dividend Stock ETF—can be easily added to a portfolio or purchased through any online brokerage account.

Timothy Plan U.S. Large Cap Core ETF (TPLC) offers exposure to large-cap U.S. stocks, without subjecting investors to the inherent limitations of traditional market-cap weighting. Timothy Plan High Dividend Stock ETF (TPHD) provides investors with exposure to dividend-yielding Large Cap U.S. stocks without subjecting investors to the inherent limitations of traditional market-cap or yield weighting.

For over 25 years, Timothy Plan has helped advisors and investors achieve their financial goals through a pro-life, pro-family approach to investing—not only to benefit the investor but the broader culture. Timothy Plan is firmly committed to operating with the integrity, excellence and wisdom that brings honor and glory to Jesus and is a beacon for godly stewardship in the financial community.

The first of its kind, Timothy Plan birthed the trend of BRI, which is growing rapidly and extensively. In fact, Timothy Plan’s mutual funds currently have over $1 billion of assets under management.

An ETF is a marketable security that tracks a variety of stock indices, as well as commodities, bonds or even a basket of assets. Although similar in many ways, ETFs differ from mutual funds in that shares trade like common stock on an exchange. The price of an ETF’s share will change throughout the day as they are bought and sold, without turnover costs or the tax consequences of trading common shares. The largest ETFs typically have higher average daily volume and lower fees than mutual fund shares, which makes them an attractive alternative for individual investors.

PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE RESULTS AND YOU MAY LOSE MONEY. You should consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other important information can be found in the fund’s prospectus. To obtain a copy, visit timothyplan.com or call 800.846.7526. Read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money. Mutual Funds distributed by Timothy Partners, Ltd. member FINRA. ETFs distributed by Foreside Fund Services, LLC, MEMBER FINRA and SIPC. Timothy Partners, Ltd. Is not affiliated with Victory Capital Management Inc. or Foreside Fund Services, LLC.

For more information on Timothy Plan, visit timothyplan.com or connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, InstagramPinterest, Vimeo or YouTube. View the media page for Timothy Plan here.