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Timothy Plan eVALUEator Screens Investments to Honor Christ

Christian Investors Have Peace Even in Turbulent Markets, as Timothy Plan Identifies God-Honoring Investments for Nearly 25 Years

ORLANDO, Fla.—How much money is OK to have invested in abortion or pornography? To the Timothy Plan family of mutual funds, the answer is simple.

Not a penny.

But how can the average investor know the inner workings of publicly traded companies or mutual funds? That’s where the Timothy Plan comes in again. Through its subscription to the one-of-a-kind eVALUEator, Timothy Plan uses this biblically based dynamic and moral investment screening tool to reveal immoral corporate activity.

Timothy Plan founder Art Ally says that when Christian investors have this tool, they can rest easy even in times of market unrest, such as the present, because they know they are honoring God with their money and possessions.

“Those who are careful not to invest in companies or funds that tear down society through their holdings don’t have to run or pull out of the markets even when we experience roller coaster rides, such as the ones we are seeing right now,” Ally said. “Investors who know they are pleasing God with their finances can sleep well at night, knowing He will provide and bless them for honoring His will and sticking to His plan. For nearly 25 years, Timothy Plan has been blessed to be able to help investors do just that.”

Using eVALUEator, Timothy Plan screens companies and mutual funds to avoid owning those firms that are actively involved in or profiting from immoral practices such as abortion, pornography and other anti-family causes.

“Many Christians have accumulated wealth by investing in these offending companies, but we often forget that when we choose to invest in any company, we become owners in a company and help financially support the mission and vision of that company,” Ally said. “It is an important realization to make, especially if we seek to please God with our resources, which are from Him and still belong to Him. What we do with those resources while on Earth has an eternal impact.”

For example, according to Timothy Plan, just over 1,200 publicly traded companies failed—486 are U.S. companies and the balance are foreign securities that violate one or more screens. A company may also violate multiple subscreens within each screen, as well as violate multiple screens.

Those who research companies through the eVALUEator can also send a sample letter to a company or mutual fund, whether to thank them for their adherence to family values or to urge a company to turn away from its immoral holdings.

Timothy Plan promotes biblically responsible investing (BRI), allowing clients to invest in a way that aligns with both their values and retirement goals. A foundational principle is that God owns everything, and Timothy Plan leaders are firmly committed to running a mutual fund company with the integrity, excellence and wisdom that brings honor and glory to the Lord.

Timothy Plan’s mission is to help the faithful provide for their families and build up their communities without supporting those who have unholy agendas. Timothy Plan, for example, does not invest in companies that support abortion, pornography, anti-family agendas or have other agendas contrary to the teachings of Scripture—or that are actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to communities-at-large.

Mutual funds are available through a prospectus (Timothy Plan Prospectus) by contacting the fund or a financial professional. When considering a mutual fund, investors should always carefully read the prospectus before inventing to analyze the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.

Timothy Plan is distributed by Timothy Partners, LTD a member of (FINRA).

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