Timothy Plan Founder Recalls the History of the Powerful Faith-Based Investing Field in New Book

Timothy Plan Founder Recalls the History of the Powerful Faith-Based Investing Field in New Book

Art Ally Opens New ‘Investing & Faith’ Book with Chapter on Origins of Biblically Responsible Investing and How Industry Has Impacted the World

ORLANDO, Fla.—“You don’t have to be a Christian to want to invest your money in companies that make the world a better—not worse—place.”

These are the words of Timothy Plan founder Art Ally in a chapter of a new book published by The Signatry, a Kansas-based global Christian foundation that specializes in financial stewardship. The 169-page book, “Investing & Faith: The Impact of Faith-Based Investing,” leads off with the history of the field by Ally.

“Christians and Jews have additional insight through the Scriptures that all our money—and our time—belongs to God, not just the money we tithe, or the time we spend in worship,” he writes.

Beginning with John Wesley (1703-1791), Ally chronicles various figures in history who counseled Christians to put their money where their values are. He then tells his own story about how the Timothy Plan became the first biblically responsible investing (BRI) mutual fund.

“In 1992, I had a very nice practice going in Orlando (Covenant Financial Management) and a 14-year career as a financial consultant and branch manager, but I felt called by God to make a change,” Ally says. “I was very active in the pro-life community but wanted to do much more for God’s Kingdom. My hot button was the fact that, while pastors in denominations often had decent retirement plans, the pastors from independent churches were left high and dry. So, I began to put together a retirement program geared to helping them on a national scale.”

Ally says he soon realized that he could not suggest companies that trafficked in evil when these pastors were preaching against the evils of abortion and pornography from the pulpits.

“I looked around for a system that would screen out offenders and allow for building biblically responsible portfolios, not only for pastors but also for other Christian investors,” Ally remembers. “But I found little that reflected biblical principles. A few socially screened funds excluded alcohol and tobacco, but none screened for issues such as abortion and pornography.

“After two years of research and development, in March 1994, we launched the Timothy Plan, a mutual fund based on a founding commitment that we would never compromise biblical principles. We have been true to that vision throughout, and I believe that’s why God has allowed us to proceed and grow.”

In addition to Ally and Signatry President Steve French, the “Investing & Faith” has 13 other contributors, including Cassandra Laymon, Hillary Sunderland, Jason Myhre, Jeff Rogers, John Silverling, Rachel McDonough, Mark Regier, Chad Horning, Dwight Short, Loran F. Graham, Brian Cohoon, Harry Pearson and Bill High.

With the expertise of the other writers, Ally hopes the book will guide Christian investors down a path that will help them honor God in every area of their lives—including their finances.

“Now we invest our money without being vested in things that are contrary to the love and mission of Christ,” Ally says. “With the options available today and the knowledge of those options, you’re either working for God or against Him. God enables us to allocate His resources, but it is our responsibility to allocate funds in a way that honors God.”

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