Timothy Plan Has Been a Leader in Biblically Responsible Investing Since 1994

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Timothy Plan Has Been a Leader in Biblically Responsible Investing Since 1994

Founder Art Ally Saw the Need Among Christian Investors and Filled It; Now, 25 Years Later, Timothy Plan Has Over $1 Billion Under Management

ORLANDO, Fla.—In 2019, Timothy Plan is celebrating 25 years of being at the forefront of Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI), helping Christians achieve their financial goals while investing in a biblically and morally responsible manner.

“For 25 years, Timothy Plan has enabled Christian investors to be confident and rest assured that their money is not supporting those things that violate their faith,” said Timothy Plan founder and president Art Ally. “There is a way people of faith can grow their money God’s way—with biblically responsible investing. Timothy Plan’s foundational principle is that God owns everything. This is what motivated the birth of the company, and what continues to fuel the advancement of faith-based investing.”

The first of its kind, Timothy Plan is a family of mutual funds that screens its funds to ensure that no money is invested in organizations that are supportive of ideals that are contrary to Christian investors’ biblical, moral values. The BRI movement is growing rapidly and extensively. In fact, Timothy Plan alone has reached more than $1 billion of assets under management.

The year 1994 was significant for investors who wanted to honor God with their money. In January of that year, MMA Praxis Intermediate fund, designed with Mennonite beliefs, sought companies that support positive values such as the respect for human dignity, responsible management, and environmental stewardship, while avoiding industries and activities like gambling, alcohol and tobacco production, and military contracting.

But there wasn’t a viable option for Christian conservatives or pastors to invest without compromising their beliefs, including the sanctity of life and wholesome family values. As a Christian financial adviser, Ally knew there was a way to screen companies that were contributing to evil causes.

Two months later, in March 1994, Ally filled the need of those Christian investors and began screening companies. Timothy Plan unveiled its fund to serve evangelical Christians. Ally had a leadership role in steering investments toward biblically responsible outcomes and is still active at Timothy today.

Timothy Plan was the first to successfully meet Christian investors’ needs by thoroughly researching companies to determine the actions of the firm on several levels. For instance, Timothy Plan does not invest in companies that support pornography, abortion or have other agendas contrary to the teachings of Scripture—or that are actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to our communities-at-large.

Additionally, through its subscription to the one-of-a-kind eVALUEator, Timothy Plan uses this biblically based dynamic and moral investment screening tool to reveal immoral corporate activity. Using eVALUEator, Timothy Plan screens companies to avoid owning those firms that are actively involved in or profiting from immoral practices such as abortion, pornography and other anti-family causes, policies and practices. When Christian investors have the benefit of this tool, they can rest easy knowing they are honoring God with their money and possessions.

This year, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, Timothy Plan will have a presence at several financial adviser events and will host gatherings.

Mutual funds are available through a prospectus (Timothy Plan Prospectus) by contacting the fund or a financial professional. When considering a mutual fund, investors should always carefully read the prospectus before inventing to analyze the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.

Timothy Plan is distributed by Timothy Partners, LTD a member of (FINRA).

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