Timothy Plan Origins from Timothy 5:8 and 22

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Timothy Plan Origins from Timothy 5:8 and 22

Timothy Plan Has Helped Christians Honor God with Their Money for Nearly 25 Years

ORLANDO, Fla.—More than 25 years ago, Timothy Plan founder Art Ally had an internal struggle.

He had worked in the financial realm for 15 years at that point and realized he was helping Christians invest their money in companies that were not only dishonoring God, but also tearing down society.

Something had to change.

Once that realization hit, Ally was driven to start a family of mutual funds in which Christians could feel good about investing. He discussed it with his wife—this would be a major change for the Ally family. Bonnie was not only on board but found two key Bible verses that were the basis of the Timothy Plan name.

1 Timothy 5:8—“Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” and 1 Timothy 5:22—“Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.”

From those two verses, Timothy Plan was born in 1994, and nearly a quarter of a century later, Timothy Plan still has the mission to help the faithful provide for their families and build up their communities without supporting those who have unholy agendas. Timothy Plan, for example, does not invest in companies that support abortion, pornography, anti-family agendas or have other agendas contrary to the teachings of Scripture—or that are actively participating in activities that may prove destructive to communities-at-large.

“When you think about it,” Ally says, “money is the center of everything in this world, and sometimes Christians handle money the way the world handles money—and that’s not biblical. I had been dealing with mostly Christian clients, helping them with their finances, guiding their businesses and investing their money, and I became increasingly aware that corporate America has a hand in funding evil. And I was helping clients do this as well. It had to stop, but there were no programs or plans to help investors screen investments.”

Ally’s friends on Wall Street told him it would never work. They said the idealistic planner would never be able to screen funds and still see performance.

A few times in the Timothy Plan story, it almost didn’t work. Even Christians were still learning they could honor God with their investments; it was a paradigm shift. But Christ-followers became more educated and saw that Ally’s plan would indeed work.

“Back then, we said we would not own companies that are pursuing an unholy agenda—period—no matter how good they look,” Ally said. “And that is still true today. Obedience trumps performance every single time. But that’s not to say the moral investor doesn’t get competitive performance—they can. If all Americans would do this in every area of their lives, this nation would turn around on a dime.”

Since 1994, Timothy Plan has existed to help advisers and investors achieve their financial goals through a pro-life, pro-family approach to investing—not only to benefit the investor but the broader culture. Timothy Plan embraces and declares the following set of principles to be the corporate philosophy to which leadership wholeheartedly subscribes:

  • To conduct every phase of our business in a manner that brings honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ;
  • To provide our mutual fund shareholders with the finest quality service available in the financial services industry;
  • To retain the confidence and trust of our shareholders through our total commitment to honesty and integrity in managing every aspect of their investments in the Timothy Plan mutual funds;
  • To consistently demonstrate our dedication to professionalism and excellence in everything we do;
  • To communicate with a sincere, caring attitude toward every shareholder or prospective shareholder; and,
  • To always place our shareholders’ financial well-being above our own.

Mutual funds are available through a prospectus (Timothy Plan Prospectus) by contacting the fund or a financial professional. When considering a mutual fund, investors should always carefully read the prospectus before inventing to analyze the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.

Timothy Plan is distributed by Timothy Partners, LTD a member of (FINRA).

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