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American Family Association: Let New York and Virginia Be Motivators

‘We Are in a Bloody Battle with the One Who Has Come to Steal, Kill and Destroy | Don’t Kill the Babies’

TUPELO, Miss.—One state after another is introducing legislation that would take the life of an unborn baby right up until the moment of birth.

The American Family Association (AFA, www.afa.net) says these state actions should be a stark reminder and a grave motivator that “we are in a bloody battle.

“We must know that we are ultimately not fighting against legislators and pro-abortion activists, but we are fighting the Devil himself who has come to steal, kill and destroy. He hates the image bearers of God with a vengeance,” writes Anne Reed in an AFA Journal article that has so far received 7,000 shares.

The first jarring realization of this battle perhaps came when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law that makes it legal in New York to abort a baby for almost any reason up to nine months of pregnancy. A similar bill has been tabled for now in Virginia, but could come up again in future legislative sessions. Not to be outdone, Rhode Island lawmakers have introduced a bill of their own that would “eliminate any constitutional restrictions on late-term abortions.” Vermont is also pushing a “right to abortion bill” that goes even further than New York’s, and New Mexico’s measure has been called the “most extreme bill in the nation.”

“How can this be?” Reed writes. “The Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 left many believing late-term abortions were illegal nationwide. While it seemed to prohibit most ‘partial-birth abortions,’ all it really did was change the method of late-term abortions. Now, many abortionists kill the baby by injecting a solution directly into his or her heart while still inside the mother’s body.

Additionally, she says, although laws vary greatly from state to state concerning restrictions on abortion, late-term abortions are still happening. Some states have no age restriction on abortion at all, and others include broad exceptions so that abortions can literally be performed up until the moment of full-term delivery.

“New York’s ‘Reproductive Health Act’ is shocking for many of us because of its unconcealed disregard for human life,” Reed continues. “The law makes clear that a child in the womb, at every stage of development, has no rights – by simply defining a ‘person’ as ‘a human being who has been born and is alive.’ Conversely, it defines abortion as a ‘fundamental right’ [of the mother] and expands the reasons why a mother can have an abortion after 24 weeks gestation. Previously, New York law allowed late-term abortions only to protect the life of the mother. But now New York’s exception has been expanded to apply to the mother’s health. This expansion in terminology is a big deal!

“This has been happening under our noses—and our steeples—for years,” she adds. “It’s the brazen and gleeful celebration of New York officials that have shocked us into consciousness. Subtleties just don’t do when one is at war. As the collapse of Roe v. Wade grows increasingly imminent, the enemy is growing progressively apparent in its hatred for innocent life.

AFA’s Public Policy Analyst Abraham Hamilton III also explored this topic on his American Family Radio program “The Hamilton Corner.” New York State, he noted, “won’t even kill murderers, but they will kill babies.” A video with an impassioned plea to “Don’t Kill the Babies” has begun to go viral. In it, Hamilton says:

“What are we as a society when we are willing to kill babies for a convenience?

“I’m the son of a single mother. My mom had my older sister when she was 16 years old, growing up in the Desire Projects of New Orleans, Louisiana. Don’t tell me about poverty. Don’t tell me about the difficulties that minority women have in the country. There’s all kinds of difficulty in the world.

“But as the word of God says, ‘If your brother is in need and you have it within your ability to respond to their need, how can you claim to have love if you allow them to go without?’ What greater need is there than the need to live?

“I am calling upon every person, every pastor and every church with an ounce of the love of God in you. Every church needs to be allied with their local crisis pregnancy resource center. Don’t wait for preborn campaigns. Don’t wait for legislation to be passed in your state legislature. Don’t wait until Roe v. Wade is overturned. Respond now!

“I believe with everything in me that we can end this scourge, regardless of what they do in the halls of Congress and in the halls of the state legislature.

“Don’t kill the babies…”

Listen to Hamilton’s entire video here.

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