At National Conference on Christian Apologetics, Two Distinguished Speakers Will Pose One Urgent Question: Is Dr. King’s Dream of Equality Still Alive?

Attendees of SES Conference in October Are Invited to Life-Changing ‘Hold Fast to Hope’ Session

September 28, 2020

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—This is a session that is made for our times. It cannot be missed.

At the premier annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, next month—which will be boldly virtual in this 27th year of the event—Will Ford III and Matt Lockett will address attendees on the compelling theme of “Hold Fast to Hope.” In their remarks, Ford and Lockett will pose this provocative question: Is the dream of equality envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King still alive today?

At a time when our nation has been torn asunder by racial tension and civil unrest—including the most recent unrest in Louisville, Kentucky, following the grand jury’s decision in the Breonna Taylor case—Ford and Lockett will engage participants on significant points, including the following: Can our historic national hurts be healed? How can we rise above the social and racial rifts that are currently threatening our great country? And what does racial reconciliation look like?

In their “Hold Fast to Hope” session, speakers Ford and Lockett will discuss this very real possibility. The duo brings an inspired background to the topic. They’re the authors of The Dream King, the true story of two men whose lives are woven together by history and the hidden hand of God. The narrative exposes systemic injustice—and delivers a fresh understanding of our nation’s past, present, and future.

Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary, announced that SES’s 27th annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA) is set this fall as a virtual event across six days.The conference will be held from Oct. 12-Oct. 17, 2020. It will feature a record-breaking 75 speakers.

SES will make the most of the virtual experience in 2020 and bring even more speakers and sessions to new and veteran attendees,” said Dr. Land. “We’re looking forward to being able to welcome many from all over the country who will be able to tune in virtually for this important annual event,” he added.

This year’sNCCAconference will focus on the theme of “Hold Fast” on such critical core issues as Truth, Faith, and Hope. The NCCA is welcoming some of the U.S.’s top apologetics speakers to address these themes. In addition to Dr. Land himself and both Ford and Lockett, other distinguished speakers at the October event include Gary Habermas, Richard Howe, Frank Turek, Hugh Ross, and John Stonestreet. A complete list of speakers at this year’s event can be found at

As part of the new approach, plenary and breakout sessions will be live-streamed, and recordings will be posted back to each session within 48-72 hours for on-demand viewing. Importantly, attendees will have exclusive access to more than 100 hours of content for at least three months.

Dr. Richard Land, a prominent voice on Christian ethics in both media and academia, recently published compelling op-eds in The Christian Post, The Tennessean that addressed—forthrightly and spiritually—the racial division and violent unrest that our country has experienced this year. Among other salient points, Dr. Land emphasized the importance of declaring with absolute clarity that “all human beings are of equal value to God regardless of their ethnicity, gender, gifts, or physical and mental limitations. This is natural law as well as Holy Scripture.”

“We must affirm unequivocally that every human life is ‘sacred’ whatever his or her ethnicity because each and every person is someone for whom Jesus was willing to sacrifice Himself to purchase each one’s eternal salvation.”

Dr. Land explores these and many other timely and critical topics in his daily radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” as well as in his weekly column for The Christian Post, where he serves as executive editor.

Land also teaches classes at SES on a regular basis. Recently he taught a live-streaming ethics class, discussing key issues with students from the perspective of biblical truth and natural law. Later this fall (October 19-24) SES will offer a new class on “Christian Theology, Social Justice, and Racism.” Land will be the “lead teacher” in the class, which will include prominent guest speakers who will address various aspects of these issues. It will be a live streaming course. Learn more about this and other SES classes here or visit

To learn more about this year’s NCCA virtual conference, visit

Read more here about Southern Evangelical Seminary and SES President Dr. Richard Land, as well as his radio feature, “Bringing Every Thought Captive,” which airs on nearly 800 stations nationwide.

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