Dan Celia: Christmas Shoppers and Diners Encourage the Overall Economy

December 21, 2020

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia is optimistic following a weekend of packed restaurants and shopping malls.

“This is going to be a week full of not a whole lot—full of low volumes, certainly in the markets, not a lot of window dressing going on. Although I do believe a lot of traders on Wall Street have waited before making some year-end moves, trying to see if they can get any certainty. The fact is we haven’t gotten the kind of certainty that the markets really need. Yes, there was some optimism around the vaccines, but that is not available for the general public yet. They’re saying probably March or April before the general public starts getting vaccinated.

“But by the looks of things, at least in the Northeast where I live, there’s not a parking space to be had at any mall or shopping center. Traffic is bumper to bumper. A lot of restaurants that are supposed to be shut down are totally ignoring the left wing, progressive governor and are opening up for inside dining. All of that is good news. It looks like people, though they are wearing masks, are about their business and doing their shopping. It was very encouraging for me this weekend to see so many people out; it was encouraging for the overall economy.

“Of course, the election is the wild card, and we’ll continue to watch that. Remember that this is a very short market week this week, and yes, there are some economic data coming out, but the vast majority of that economic data will be coming out on Wednesday instead of Friday. We’ll watch it and let you know how things progress.”

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